Mandy Rose Sees Similarities Between Tiffany Stratton And Top WWE Star

Tiffany Stratton quickly gained popularity after joining WWE’s main roster. Recently, Mandy Rose praised “The Buff Barbie,” highlighting her similarities to Charlotte Flair. Rose’s comments emphasize Stratton’s impressive skills and potential, drawing a comparison to one of WWE’s most accomplished female superstars.

Earlier this year, Tiffany Stratton received her main roster call-up and joined Friday Night SmackDown. She has been making waves on the blue brand, competing in numerous high-profile matches, including a Women’s Title bout.

During an appearance on the Heated Shenanigans Podcast, Mandy Rose, also known as The Golden Goddess, spoke about Tiffany Stratton. The former NXT Women’s Champion noted many similarities between Stratton and Charlotte Flair. Rose praised Stratton’s work and expressed her hope to see the SmackDown star thrive in the promotion.

“When I first met Tiffany [Stratton] and I first saw her match at the Performance Center in NXT, I was kind of blown away because I had asked a lot of girls how long this girl had been wrestling for, and they were like, not long at all (…) She’s really great, and I can tell that she has that athletic ability, kind of like Charlotte Flair, similarity of like that gymnastics background, and you could tell she’s super athletic. I was really impressed with that,” Rose said. (From 13:50 to 14:22)

Tiffany Stratton wants to have a match against Charlotte Flair in WWE

Charlotte Flair has been at the pinnacle of the WWE women’s division for years. Known as The Queen, she has flawlessly portrayed both heel and babyface characters, winning multiple championships in the promotion. As a result, she is a dream opponent for many up-and-coming talents.

Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling ahead of WrestleMania XL in Philadelphia, Tiffany Stratton expressed her interest in facing Charlotte Flair. She mentioned that she would love for the bout to take place at a future edition of The Show of Shows in Minnesota.

“You know, I heard that WrestleMania next year is rumored to be in Minnesota, and I’m from Minnesota, so I think me versus Charlotte Flair would be the perfect main event of Day One of WrestleMania,” Stratton said.

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