Former WWE champion Expresses Interest In Facing Asuka

Asuka is one of the most decorated WWE Superstars of the modern era, having captured almost every championship in the promotion. Meanwhile, Sonya Deville has expressed her interest in facing The Empress of Tomorrow.

After joining WWE almost a decade ago, Asuka had a dominant run on the developmental brand, remaining undefeated under the NXT banner. She has faced several top names in the promotion, but Sonya Deville still desires a one-on-one match with the star.

During an appearance on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet, the former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion spoke about her dream match, which involves The Empress of Tomorrow.

“I’ve had a million matches with her but not a lot televised, and never a singles televised to my knowledge. Asuka is one of my favourite opponents. We would have awesome matches down in NXT seven years ago, eight years ago on live events and road loops. And it was my favourite match to this day, but we never got an angle on TV,” said Deville

“And then it would be like, I go to Raw she got to SmackDown she go to SmackDown I go to Raw and we just keep playing tag and not catching each other. So I was like, if I could paint the perfect picture, I would love to have like a two-three seg match with Asuka and just mess each other up,” said Deville. (H/T Chris Van Vliet)

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