Stone Cold Steve Austin Responded To A Recent WWE Announcement About him

Stone Cold Steve Austin has broken his silence regarding a recent WWE announcement about him, marking his first public response since WrestleMania. The star has been noticeably absent for some time.

Fans were anticipating Stone Cold Steve Austin to make an appearance at WrestleMania to help Cody Rhodes in his storyline and deliver his iconic move, the stunner, to his old rival, The Rock. However, when the moment arrived, while John Cena did appear as expected, Stone Cold did not square off with The Rock as fans had hoped. Instead, another WWE legend, The Undertaker, intervened.

The Undertaker appeared when The Rock attempted to assist Roman Reigns in defeating Cody Rhodes. In a surprising turn, The Undertaker Chokeslammed The Rock, removing him from the equation and leaving fans in shock

According to reports, Stone Cold Steve Austin was supposed to appear, but WWE couldn’t agree on financial terms with him. The star has been relatively quiet with WWE since then, but has now broken his silence by reacting to an announcement about him.

WWE is launching a biography episode about him on A&E, and their partner account tweeted that it was starting. The WWE legend responded immediately, showing his excitement with his trademark “Hell Yeah!” reaction.

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