Reported Update About Becky Lynch's WWE contract

WWE star Becky Lynch has been in the news due to her contract, which is set to expire this week. Rumors suggest that she has not yet renewed her deal with the company.

This week on RAW, Lynch faced Liv Morgan in a Steel Cage match. It was a rematch of their encounter at King and Queen of the Ring, where Lynch lost the Women’s World Championship to Morgan. Once again, Becky came up short as “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio inadvertently slammed the cage door on her, allowing Morgan to walk out and secure the win.

On a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, veteran journalist Dave Meltzer commented on Becky Lynch’s contract status. He suggested that Lynch might be looking for an extended period of time off. Meltzer pointed out that Seth Rollins, her husband, was sidelined due to an injury, making it sensible for Becky to stay at home with him and their daughter. The journalist also mentioned that she would be a free agent in a few days and might be interested in exploring opportunities outside of wrestling.

“Becky Lynch didn’t renew. Becky Lynch is taking an extended leave. From what I was told, it’s not like a short period of time. She was looking for a long period of time out. Probably, if he’s (Seth Rollins) not on the road, it makes sense for her not to be on the road. They can’t be hurting for money or anything where they need it right now and maybe she’s looking at other things or maybe she’s not. But she should be a free agent as of, I think a couple of days from now.” (H/t: Sportskeeda)

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