Cody Rhodes Used A Previously Banned Move To Secure Victory Against Logan Paul At WWE King and Queen Of The Ring 2024.

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Cody Rhodes and Logan Paul stole the show with their Undisputed WWE Championship match in the main event of the WWE King and Queen of the Ring Premium Live Event. However, something unexpected happened during the bout.

Cody Rhodes defeated Logan Paul in one of the most exciting matches in recent memory. Both competitors gave it their all to ensure the audience had a great time. A key highlight came when The American Nightmare used The Vertebreaker to inflict damage on Paul.

The Vertebreaker, an infamous move previously popularized by ‘The Hurricane’ Shane Helms, involves hooking the opponent’s arms behind their back, lifting them, and then dropping them on their neck.

The move was known to be banned in WWE under Vince McMahon due to obvious safety concerns. However, seeing Rhodes perform the maneuver, it would be safe to say The Vertebreaker is now allowed under Triple H’s creative control.

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