WWE Friday Night SmackDown Full Results (August 4th, 2023)

The Summer Slam go-home edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown is from the Nutter Center at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. Michael Cole welcomes us, and he’s joined at ringside by Wade Barrett. They hype tonight’s show.

Here The WWE Friday Night SmackDown Full Results

– Tonight’s SmackDown opened with LA Knight making his way to the ring to a big pop as Mike Rome does the introductions. Knight takes the mic because wants to talk to ya… fans pop. Knight brings up the Summer Slam Battle Royal and starts knocking some of the participants on a graphic for the match. Fans chant “Yeah!” when Knight does. Knight goes on talking about Sheamus and says it’s time for him to take his first loss to Knight. Yeah. The music hits and out come The Brawling Brutes – Sheamus with Ridge Holland and Butch.

– LA Knight defeated Sheamus via pinfall. After the match, LA stands tall to a pop as the music hits. LA escapes to ringside as Kross and Waller rush in after him.

– Solo Sikoa at backstage preparing to wrestle Jey Uso.

– Still to come, a look at Brock Lesnar vs. Cody Rhodes.

– Several Superstars are at backstage arguing in front of Adam Pearce. Pearce tells two of the teams if they want to settle it, they can do it in the ring. Members of The Brawling Brutes and The O.C. head out while Sheamus and AJ Styles face off.

– Tonight’s Progressive-sponsored video is a lengthy package on Brock Lesnar vs. Cody Rhodes.

– We see Jey Uso walking at backstage. 

– The Brawling Brutes vs. The O.C. match ended in no contest after The Street Profits attacking both teams. 

After the match, Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford proceed to destroy both teams as fans cheer them on. They clear the ring and pose to cheers but Butch jumps on Dawkins’ back. Dawkins slams him off and then lands a big pounce to knock Butch into a big German suplex by Ford. The Profits pose again. The Profits are on the stage now. Bobby Lashley comes out to join them and fans pop big for Lashley. Lashley embraces The Profits to a “Bobby!” chant. Lashley is all smiles as he gives a thumbs up.

– We get a video package on Charlotte Flair to promote the WWE Women’s Title Triple Threat at SummerSlam. Flair, who is on a yacht, says she’s the past, present and future and has always been since she got to WWE. She says there’s a reason why she’s 5-0 at SummerSlam. Flair goes on about becoming champion again and says she has their number and they have to beat her.

– Still to come, Paul Heyman presents The History of Tribal Combat.

– Paul Heyman is already in the ring with a mic. He introduces himself to boos. Heyman talks about Tribal Combat at SummerSlam with Jey Uso and Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Heyman wonders how it came to this… this is not what Reigns wanted, this is the last thing Reigns wanted. Fans boo.

Heyman blames everything on Jey, including the fact that we probably won’t see Jimmy Uso again. Heyman goes on about how Reigns will have no remorse and no forgiveness when he steps in the ring tomorrow. Heyman then introduces a video package to hype Tribal Combat, with comments from WWE Hall of Famers Rikishi, Afa and Sika. Heyman now goes on about how Jey will never reach the success Reigns has. 

Paul Heyman is preparing to give a spoiler for SummerSlam but the music interrupts and here comes Jey to a big pop. Jey heads to the ring as Heyman look worried. Fans chant “Uso!” now. Jey enters the ring and takes the mic. He paces and hesitates, taking his time as fans chant “Jey!” now. Jey says Heyman it right… tomorrow night is happening… Jey goes on about how he’s going to light Reigns up with kendo sticks and chairs, he’s going to put him through a table. Jey says Heyman forgot to mention that this passion in front of him, Jey is bringing it… he’s bringing the spirit of his ancestors, family, and culture. 

Jey says tomorrow he’s beating Reigns to become the new Tribal Chief and Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. Fans pop and cheer along with Jey. The music hits and here comes Solo Sikoa. Jey stares him down. Heyman holds Solo back as he goes for Jey. Jey tells Solo to just chill. Solo stares him down as a “Uso!” chant starts up. Jey paces. 

Paul Heyman says the fans are telling Jey he screwed up. Jey tells Solo… you’re my little brother no matter what, so I can forgive you… these mind games are nothing now, they did the same thing to me every night. Heyman interrupts and Solo looks over at him. Heyman asks Jey to excuse he and Solo. Heyman tries to get Solo to join him for a talk at ringside, but Solo isn’t moving. Heyman says listen to me… Solo yells and points to the floor, then tells Heyman to get out right now. 

Jey Uso suddenly superkicks Solo out of the ring to the floor. Heyman is shocked. Fans chant “Uso!” now. Jey tells Heyman to tell his cousin he will see him tomorrow, and he will see his little brother later tonight. Jey’s music hits. Solo Sikoa stares as Jey Uso makes his exit.

– We see how 2023 WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio was injured last week as Santos Escobar earned a title shot with WWE United States Champion Austin Theory, which is happening next week. Cole says Rey suffered severe whiplash and is at home recovering, his status is day-to-day.

– Kayla Braxton at backstage with WWE United States Champion Austin Theory now. He’s not worried about facing Santos Escobar next week and will dedicate the win to Rey Mysterio. Theory says like Santos next week, tonight Cameron Grimes will have his dreams crushed as he experiences Austin Theory Live.

– Austin Theory defeated Cameron Grimes via pinfall in non-title match. After the match, Theory stands tall with his title. Santos Escobar suddenly attacks from behind and slams Theory with a Phantom Driver. Escobar is fired up now as fans cheer him on. Escobar talks trash to Theory while he’s down.

– We get a video package on WWE Women’s Champion Asuka to promote the Triple Threat at SummerSlam. Asuka is training at a gym and laughing around. She says this match is stupid and unfair… she goes on about how she’s already defeated Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair. Asuka says she will beat them again because she has a plan. Asuka says they are not ready. She laughs again to end the segment.

– We see the ring crew setting up for The Grayson Waller Effect.

– Grayson Waller in the ring is introduced for another must see episode of The Grayson Waller Effect. Waller says before he wins the SummerSlam Battle Royal, he figured he would give someone the Grayson Waller rub.

Waller says just like his personal life, one woman is not enough. Waller then introduces tonight’s guests. The music hits and out comes Damage CTRL – Bayley and IYO SKY, who is carrying her Money In the Bank briefcase. Waller talks about SummerSlam and asks them to give him a SummerSlam scoop on their plans, if IYO plans to cash in. Bayley says Waller is an idiot if he thinks they will give up their strategy. Bayley knocks the fans as they boo. She says tonight they are focused on the match with Zelina Vega.

Shotzi’s laughs suddenly fill the arena and Bayley is spooked. Waller laughs and says it was just him, he was playing the sound of Shotzi’s laugh. Bayley says she’s not scared… Shotzi never shows up while Bayley is here every week. Shotzi’s tank suddenly comes out to the stage, shocking everyone. Bayley sends SKY to the stage to look for Shotzi. Bayley suddenly realizes the real Shotzi is standing behind her in the ring, laughing with her new look.

A terrified Bayley turns around and begs Shotzi to let her be. Bayley ends up hitting a cheap shot but Shotzi drops her. Shotzi pulls out a trimmer to cut Bayley’s hair but Bayley runs away. Shotzi chases Bayley through the crowd while laughing. The camera focuses back on Shotzi’s tank now. The driver stands up and reveals their identity… it’s Zelina Vega. She dances in the tank.

– Zelina Vega defeated IYO SKY via pinfall. After the match, Vega stands tall.

– We get a video package on Bianca Belair to promote the WWE Women’s Title Triple Threat at SummerSlam. Belair is training for the match. She says she’s ready to get her lick back. Belair says she was unstoppable for over 400 days until Asuka blinded her and stole the WWE Women’s Title from her. Belair says she will hit a KOD on Saturday to take back what is rightfully hers.

– Jey Uso defeated Solo Sikoa via pinfall. After the match, Jey stands tall and a shocked Heyman looks on. Solo suddenly drops Jey from behind. Solo takes Jey to the floor and sends him into the ring post face-first. Solo grabs a steel chair but Jey superkicks it into him. 

Jey unloads on Solo with chair shots now, knocking him into the timekeeper’s area. Solo is dazed and leaning against the barrier now… Jey runs and drives the chair into Solo to drop him. Jey’s music starts back up as he stands on top of the announce table to cheers. Jey plays to the crowd as the final Friday Night SmackDown before SummerSlam goes off the air.

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