WWE Officials Reportedly Concerned With Roman Reigns Segment On WWE Friday Night SmackDown

On last week’s Friday Night SmackDown, The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns was put on trial by his cousins, The Usos, for his transgressions as The Tribal Chief over the past three years. While the segment entertained many, the trial lasted more than 35 minutes. But viewers pointed out that segment did not allow several WWE stars the opportunity to shine on the high-profile show at Madison Square Garden.

According to the Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio reports, some backstage personalities were concerned by the length of Roman Reigns’ segment on Friday Night SmackDown.

“They brought that thing up too. Yeah. There was some other stuff too. I mean they, um, it was interesting because there, there were, there were a couple of notes on that. Number one is, if there was a lot of concern, you know, debate going in if going 30 minutes with that segment, you know, 35 minutes was overkill.” (H/T: Wrestling News)

At the end of the show, Jey Uso confronted Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and challenged Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. On the upcoming edition of SmackDown, Roman Reigns will respond to the Jey Uso challenge.

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