WWE Money In The Bank 2023 Results: The Usos Defeated The Bloodline, Jey Uso Pins Roman Reigns

During Night 1 of WrestleMania 39, The Usos (Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso) suffered a loss in their quest for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship, and their subsequent attempt to regain the titles was also unsuccessful. The Bloodline, consisting of The Usos and Solo Sikoa, managed to secure a victory in a six-man tag team match at Backlash, although tensions arose between Sikoa and The Usos. 

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On the following SmackDown, Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns demanded an apology from The Usos for their defeat and failure to reclaim the championships. While Jimmy refused to apologize, Jey offered an apology on his brother’s behalf. The Bloodline’s special counsel, Paul Heyman, then announced that he had arranged another tag team championship match for The Bloodline, but this time it would be Reigns and Sikoa, scheduled to take place at Night of Champions on May 27th.

During the event, The Usos interfered in the match and accidentally struck Sikoa with a superkick, enraging Reigns. Reigns chastised and pushed both Usos, but Jimmy retaliated by attacking Reigns. Jimmy and Jey then retreated from the scene. Ultimately, Reigns and Sikoa would lose the match.

In the subsequent episode of SmackDown, a celebration was held to commemorate Reigns’ achievement of reaching 1,000 days as Universal Champion, but The Usos interrupted the festivities. Jimmy explained that his actions at Night of Champions were driven by the desire to protect his family, particularly his brother Jey. Jimmy seemingly convinced Sikoa to join forces with them against Reigns, and The Usos managed to persuade Reigns to maintain their unity as a family.

Roman Reigns embraced Jimmy, but ultimately rejected his proposal, leading Sikoa to attack Jimmy. In the following episode, Heyman attempted to persuade Jey to remain with The Bloodline and even arranged a United States Championship match for him. However, Jey declared that if he stayed with The Bloodline, Heyman would have to leave. In the championship match that followed, Jey suffered a loss after Jimmy unintentionally attacked him. 

On the subsequent episode, Reigns clarified to Jey that Heyman served as his special counsel, not the entire Bloodline, and therefore would not be leaving. Jey initially appeared to align himself with Reigns but then turned on him, choosing to stand by Jimmy’s side. During the June 17 episode of SmackDown LowDown, it was announced that The Usos would face Reigns and Sikoa in a “Bloodline Civil War” tag team match at Money in the Bank.

On the Money In The Bank 2023 premium live event, The Usos – Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso faced The Bloodline – Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa in tag team match. In a hard hitting contest, Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso came top and defeated Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa via pinfall.

At the closing moments of the match, Solo Sikoa superkicks Jimmy Uso on top of the announce table, then goes to the top of the barrier. Solo Sikoa looks back at Roman Reigns and then yells out. Solo leaps out but Jimmy moves and Solo Sikoa goes crashing through the table.

Roman Reigns can’t believe what just happened. Jey Uso superkicks Reigns. Reigns nails a Superman Punch. Jey with a superkick. Reigns with a Spear but Jey kicks out and Reigns is losing it. Fans chant for The Usos and then chant “this is awesome!” now. A replay shows Jey hit Reigns with a low blow when he kicked out.

The Usos each deliver a superkick to Reigns, then they double superkick him. They then double superkick Solo off the apron, and double superkick Reigns again. Jey tags in and goes to the top for a big Uso splash to Reigns as Jimmy watches with a smile while kneeling down in the corner. Jey covers Reigns for the pin to win.

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