GUNTHER Says Current Raw Superstar Deserves To Win Gold In WWE

The Ring General GUNTHER having a stellar run with the Intercontinental Championship and becoming the longest-reigning champion of the Modern Era. Recently, he said that his teammate Ludwig Kaiser deserves to win gold in WWE.

Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser made their main roster debut as a team on April 8th, 2022 edition of Friday Night SmackDown. He quickly captured the Intercontinental Championship from Ricochet. Meanwhile, Kaiser stayed GUNTHER side with utmost loyalty. Later Giovanni Vinci also joined the duo, and they reformed Imperium on WWE’s main roster. 

During the interview with Contralona, WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER was asked about which European wrestler deserves gold, then Gunther named Ludwig Kaiser and had a huge praise for his work.

“Right now obviously ‘Kaiser’ is doing pretty well in the last months, I really think he found the way to stand out even, I would say, without getting the big big chances so really go out there and got a lot of time and show what he can do. He is capable of a lot and a very charismatic guy, even with the limited amount of time that he has he found the way to stand out and I think he would really deserve a chance to get more time and more matches.” [H/T – Contralona]

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