Damian Priest Reflects On His First Money In The Bank Ladder Match Victory

The Judgement Day’s Damien Priest gets to add another accolade to his resume at Money In The Bank 2023. He earned a golden opportunity when he climbed a ladder and grabbed the Money in the Bank briefcase at London. Now, he can cash his MITB contract on any champion he choose for the title.

Recently, the new Mr. Money In The Bank Damien Priest appeared as special guest on the “WWE’s The Bump,” and shared some of his thoughts about Money In The Bank ladder match. First, though he was relieved to be going out as the first match of the night rather than overthinking until it was time, the former United States Champion knew that he still had some serious business to take care of amidst his good time.

“I was loving it,” he said. “You got a bunch of bodies that I could just wail on with ladders and stuff, so that’s fun. But as far as groove, it’s kinda hard. Your head is on a swivel. There’s just so many moving parts. Everybody’s trying to do the same thing: Grab that briefcase. The entire time you felt desperation. From bell to bell, it was insane, so I don’t think anybody ever got into a strict groove because as soon as you feel like you’re gaining momentum, there was somebody there to start theirs. And then somebody there to start theirs. It’s just nonstop. That’s why these matches are so unpredictable. They’re just nonstop action. While one person is getting knocked down, somebody else is going to be standing there behind them. You never get into a groove.” (H/T: WrestlingINC)

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