Mercedes Mone About Why She Chose To Wrestle At Japan

After walking out on a WWE Monday Night Raw taping in May 2022, Mercedes Mone (known as Sasha Banks in WWE) made her wrestling appearance at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 17 in January and confronted KAIRI. She’s the current IWGP Women’s Champion.

While speaking with Sports Illustrated, Mercedes Mone explained why she chose to wrestle at Japan. she stated that she chose to visit Japan to make history, following her successful WWE career. Wanting to prove herself in hard-hitting matches for Japanese promotions, Mone said:

“The ultimate goal for a lot of professional wrestlers is to make it to WWE. That’s what I thought was the big time. But I did that.

I wanted to make new history, and the place to do it is here in Japan. Japan has the highest standards for women’s wrestling, and I want to set the standard in New Japan.

This isn’t just for me, it’s for every girl that has a dream. I’m showing the world you can achieve feats that no one else has done before.

I want to set the same example. There are so many places where you can wrestle and make your voice heard.

I’m not just the best in North America. I’m the best in the world. I am making that statement in Japan. Women belong in this sport.

I grew up watching bra-and-panties matches, but Japan had these hard-hitting, physical, violent women’s matches.”

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