Cody Rhodes Explains Why He Decided To Leave AEW For WWE

Cody Rhodes, who had signed a multi-year contract with AEW in 2019 as an Executive Vice President and on-screen talent, recently opened up about his decision to leave the promotion and return to WWE. After spending approximately three years with AEW, the 37-year-old wrestler’s contract expired in early 2022. He subsequently made his return to WWE at WrestleMania 38 last April.

During a recent interview on The Rich Eisen Show, The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes elaborated on the reasons that led him to leave AEW and make his comeback to the Stamford-based wrestling company.

“It felt like the block had been filled, right? The alternative company exists. They’re doing great. I’m super proud of everything we built, super proud of all of my kids who are over there who I recruited and hired. They’ve got a show that’s airing, a reality show that’s slightly spun off from what Brandi and I did and we were able to help that option move forward. So, it was just a matter of the block had been filled and I said this the night after I came back to WrestleMania last year, sometimes you find your destiny on the roads you take to avoid it,” he said.

Cody Rhodes also noted that he returned to Vince McMahon’s promotion to fulfill his dream of becoming the world champion. Meanwhile, he disclosed that he left AEW on good terms.

“And I took a lot of roads all around to come back to the thing I wanted the most at eight years old was the WWWF Championship at the time, which was the title my dad never held. I’d be the one in the family to ever get it and that is the title now that Roman Reigns has under the name the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship. And it just made all the sense in the world when I came back. No hard feelings. Left on great terms,” Rhodes added. [0:49 – 1:49] (H/T: Sportskeeda Wrestling)

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