Big E Shares An Update About His Neck Injury After One Year Scan

It’s over a year since Big E was seen in action in the ring. He suffered a neck injury on the March 11, 2022, edition of WWE Friday SmackDown when taking an overhead belly-to-belly suplex at ringside from Ridge Holland. He landed on his neck and fractured his C1 vertebra and C6 vertebra. Now, Big E shared an update about his injury after important one year scan.

While speaking to Battle & Eli on Battleground, Big E shared an update on his neck.

“Yeah, it’s just a complicated fracture. I broke my C1 and C2 in two places. A Jefferson fracture is what it’s called,” Big E stated. “It just takes a little more time to heal. We just did the one-year scans after WrestleMania. It was a little later because of WrestleMania. We need to sit down with the doctors at some point and figure out what the next step is, but from my perspective, I feel great. I have no functional issues, [and] no pain issues. I’ve been in the gym since two weeks after I broke my neck. I’m feeling great. I’m really grateful for all of that. Obviously, your neck has to be in a certain condition to deal with the rigors of being in the ring on a nightly basis.” (H/T:

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