Sami Zayn has become a fan favorite since his surprising turn on Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble. Zayn, who previously attempted to win Reigns’ favor, finally reached his breaking point when Reigns asked him to attack his friend Kevin Owens with a steel chair. The two will now face off at Elimination Chamber, a development that was not part of the original plan.
Prior to his association with The Bloodline, Zayn was primarily viewed as a mid-card performer known for his comedic acts. Despite his past success as a ROH World Champion, he was not considered a main event talent by WWE management. However, his impressive work with The Bloodline and growing popularity among fans have led WWE to adjust their plans for both Zayn and Reigns.
According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the angle between Zayn and The Bloodline was initially intended to be a short-lived storyline. However, due to its success, the company decided to extend the angle and schedule a match between Zayn and Reigns for Elimination Chamber in February 2023.
”The Zayn-Reigns scenario was originally just set up to be a few week comedy deal, but it caught on with the public and was changed months ago to a WrestleMania season angle.”

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