Backstage Details About Ronda Rousey Title Lose
Ronda Rousey’s reign as SmackDown Women’s Champion was abruptly ended during the December 30th edition of Friday Night SmackDown. The Queen Charlotte Flair, who was making her return to the ring, challenged Rousey for the SmackDown championship, and the former UFC star accepted the challenge. Unfortunately, Rousey lost in mere seconds as Flair pinned her for the win.
Initially, fans were frustrated with WWE’s decision to crown Flair as the champion once again, but new information has come to light. According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, Ronda Rousey wanted to lose the championship. The title change was a last-minute development based on Rousey’s desire to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship with her close friend Shayna Baszler.
Reported Reason Why WWE Changed Current Champion’s Ring Name
Name changes are a common occurrence in WWE, sometimes occurring without any clear reason. In recent times, fans were thrilled when Doudrop made a surprising comeback to the Royal Rumble 2023 using her previous name, Piper Niven. However, not all name changes have been met with the same enthusiasm.
When a fan asked Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer why Io Shirai’s name was changed to IYO SKY during Summer Slam, Dave Meltzer confirmed on Twitter that the company wanted to own her name and was unable to do so under her previous name. He tweeted:
“The wanted to own her WWE name and she had used the name Io Shirai her entire career so they couldn’t own it,” Dave Meltzer said in a tweet.

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