Tonight’s WWE Tuesday NXT is live on a tape delay as Vic Joseph welcomes us to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida and he’s joined at ringside by WWE Hall of Famer Booker T.

Here The WWE Tuesday Night NXT Full Results

– Carmelo Hayes defeated Axiom via pinfall with some interference of Trick Williams. After the match, Carmelo Hayes stands tall and celebrates with Trick Williams at ringside. Axiom goes to the top and hits a big splash to take Trick Williams down.
– McKenzie Mitchell at backstage with Grayson Waller now and he says like new NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez, Grayson Waller doesn’t want to wait for his title shot, he wants it tonight. McKenzie says NXT Champion Bron Breakker is on a media tour of North Carolina to promote Vengeance Day. Grayson Waller insults Bron Breakker and says he knows Bron is watching the show on his phone, so he needs to meet him in the ring tonight, bitch. Grayson Waller walks off.
– Tony D’Angelo is at backstage with Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo. Tony D’Angelo reveals that NXT North American Champion Wes Lee has agreed to give him a title shot next week. Tony tells Stacks to go tell Donovan Dijak to stay out of his business, and that he can have the first crack at the title when he wins it. Grayson Waller walks in and asks if they’ve seen Bron Breakker, but they haven’t. Grayson Waller tells them to let Bron Breakker know Waller is looking for him if they see him.
– Zoey Stark defeated Nikkita Lyons via pinfall. After the bell, Nikkita Lyons is shocked as Zoey Stark quickly retreats to the floor and heads backstage to boos.
– Cora Jade at backstage with McKenzie Mitchell, who asks about Roxanne Perez winning the NXT Women’s Title. Cora Jade says that was supposed to be her moment. She says Roxanne Perez is the luckiest person alive and doesn’t deserve the title, she does. Wendy Choo suddenly attacks and they start brawling. Referees show up to pull them apart.
– We see footage from earlier this week with Fallon Henley talking to Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen about the family bar financial troubles. Her father spoke to the potential investor but she doesn’t think it will help. They talk about 2023 being better, they just need to put their heads together. Kiana James enters the bar with her assistant. James orders her assistant to begin work on the bar inventory. Henley tells them to get out. James says a little bird told her about the financial problems, so she took care of them. Jensen looks guilty. James talked to her friends at the bank and learned how the family owes a bunch of commercial taxes. She says Fallon’s childhood memories aren’t worth much. 
James said she paid off the bills and the bank placed a lien on the bar. James says soon she will be able to buy the property from the bank and do what she wants with it. Henley calls her a real bitch, but James prefers businesswoman. Henley proposes a match for next week and if she wins, James has to pay off the lien and leave the bar forever but if James wins, the family will give her the bar for what she’s already paid, paying her and for pennies on the dollar. James says she will see them next week. She walks off with her assistant. 
– Katana Chance and Kayden Carter defeated Toxic Attraction and, Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley via pinfall and successfully retained their WWE NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles. After the match, Katana Chance and Kayden Carter stand tall while the challengers tries to recover. 
– We got a new vignette for Oro Mensah, who is in a night club setting. He says music and wrestling have the same phonetic energy and while he may or may not be here for a long time, he’s here for a good time.
– We go to a sitdown interview with WWE Hall of Famer Booker T and his former student, new NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez. Booker T and Roxanne Perez talk about her come-up, and she says she didn’t think it would happen this quick. Roxanne Perez recalls a conversation she had with Booker T before her WWE tryout, when he told her she needed to bet on herself. She says those words went through her head last week when Mandy Rose attacked her, and she didn’t want to wait to get her title shot. 
They go on talking and Roxanne Perez asks Booker T if he has any advice as a former champion. He’s always been about checks and championships, and he says she will be nervous and have butterflies but when she loses that feeling, it’s time to go away. He says it’s only going to get tougher from here on out, and talks about her going on to become a WWE Hall of Famer, and how everyone at ROW is proud of her. Booker T hypes Roxanne Perez up and says it’s time to go get it done. Roxanne Perez says she’s ready.
– Apollo Crews making his way to the ring in street clothes. He takes the mic and thanks everyone. Before he gets started, he has to congratulate new NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez on her title win. Apollo Crews says the win was very well-deserved. He thought he’d be leaving Deadline with the NXT Title, he knew it in his heart, it was his night and the vision was clear, he had the chance to capture the title he came back to NXT for, but we all saw what happened and it didn’t go down like that. He knows he’s been knocked down a few pegs and that’s OK because he is not out of championship contention. He says Grayson Waller and NXT Champion Bron Breakker will fight it out at New Year’s Evil but he wants the title shot at NXT Vengeance Day.
The music interrupts and here comes Carmelo Hayes. Carmelo Hayes insults Apollo Crews and says he’s next in line for a title shot, not Apollo Crews. Carmelo Hayes says Apollo Crews has it all but what he don’t got is what Hayes has – the next spot in line. Hayes has no problem putting a future Hall of Famer like Apollo Crews next to the other jerseys of people he’s defeated on the rafters. Apollo Crews expected more from Hayes.
Apollo Crews praises Carmelo Hayes as being 1 of 1 and a “Melo!” chant breaks out. He says the one thing Hayes doesn’t have is… Hayes interrupts and says it’s the NXT Title, but Crews also does not have this. They have some words off the mic. Apollo Crews says Carmelo Hayes doesn’t understand that no matter how good he thinks he is, there’s always someone out there that’s better. Crews doesn’t have to stand out here and says he’s better… he tells Hayes to name the time and place so he can show Hayes he’s better and they face off in the middle of the ring, arguing.
– The New Day are at backstage talking when Pretty Deadly interrupts. They’ve brought a bunch of retro WWE memorabilia that The New Day wanted, and they’re wrapped as Christmas presents. Apparently Pretty Deadly had to gather these items to get the next title shot, but they failed to bring all the items, such as the Nailz prison outfit. Pretty Deadly ask if they can just sing the Pledge of Allegiance like before but The New Day says the price has went up, they want their items. The New Day taunts them some more to show off the titles, and Xavier Woods tells them to make sure they get the Tyler Breeze selfie stick. The New Day walks off, leaving Pretty Deadly stressed out.
– Alba Fyre walking at backstage when Isla Dawn suddenly attacks and sprays her with the red mist. Fyre goes down, clutching at her face as a producer checks on her. Fyre is not doing well.
– We see footage from last week with Odyssey Jones, Malik Blade and Edris Enofe approaching Ava Raine in the parking lot. They invite her to come out and party. Raine asks when are they going to stop trying to fill the voids in their lives. She says the feelings they are chasing are just temporary. They say it’s not that serious, they’re just trying to have some fun. Enofe adds that if Raine doesn’t want to join them that’s fine but they don’t believe in that bull… Joe Gacy interrupts with Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid. The Schism stands together now. Gacy asks Enofe what’s not to believe? What The Schism sees is a family. Reid says what they see in front of them is three individuals bonded by a false reality. Raine tells them to have fun, boys. They promise they will.
– Vic Joseph sends us to video of Alba Fyre in the trainer’s room to get her eyes checked out. Grayson Waller interrupts, looking for Bron Breakker. Fyre and the trainer yell at him and he leaves.
– Elektra Lopez defeated Indi Hartwell via pinfall. After the match, the replays shows how Elektra Lopez pulled brass knuckles from the turnbuckle, then hit Indi Hartwell with it to fall on top of her for the pin. Elektra Lopez celebrates and brags about always being two steps ahead.
– We go back to Alba Fyre in the trainer’s room. The medic says if Fyre’s vision is normal and she has no more irritation, she is medically cleared for her match. Fyre puts on her jacket and heads out, and she is ready to fight.
– NXT North American Champion Wes Lee is backstage with McKenzie Mitchell. He confirms he is giving a title shot to Tony D’Angelo next week. Wes Lee says he refuses to be a reactionary champion, so he has to bring it to everyone in the ring. He’s been taking on all opponents, so why stop now? He’s starting with the biggest mouth next week and after Tony D fails, he knows he has Donovan Dijak lurking in the shadows, waiting to deliver his hard justice. Wes Lee says he’s ready to deliver his own cold, hard facts, and the title isn’t leaving his shoulder any time soon.
– Sol Ruca makes her way to the ring for the match. Alba Fyre is out next. Fyre wraps her entrance up but smoke fills the ring and Isla Dawn attacks from behind, bating Fyre down at ringside as the referee tries to restore order. Dawn traps Fyre’s arm in between the steel ring steps and the ring post, then grabs Fyre’s baseball bat and smashes the steps with it. Dawn laughs as Fyre rolls around in pain. The referee tends to Alba Fyre as other officials rush out to help. Isla Dawn carries the baseball bat to the entrance-way, laughing. The lights start flickering and we hear Dawn’s laughs echo over the arena as officials check on Fyre.
– We go to the Chase University Christmas party now. The various students are presenting Andre Chase with gifts. He snaps on a student named Scott for bringing him a fruit cake because he’s allergic to it. Duke Hudson appears at the back of the line of students, but he’s confused as he thought the party wasn’t until Thursday. Duke talks a student named Alex out of the line, telling him he needs to go go see the Dean about a scholarship. Duke takes the gift, a plaque that says Chase is the #1 professor. He rips the name tag off it and presents Chase with it. Duke and Thea Hail share a group hug and Merry Christmas wishes with Chase to end the segment.
– Brooks Jensen, Josh Briggs and Fallon Henley are backstage with McKenzie Mitchell. She asks about the family bar but Briggs says one thing at a time, they will deal with the bar later but they are ready to rock tonight. Briggs says they never thought they’d face The New Day, especially for the NXT Tag Team Titles so tonight they are going balls to the wall. Jensen says this is the biggest match of their careers and he said earlier that 2023 will be a better year, so what better way to walk into it than with the titles.
Fallon is ready to lead them out when Kiana James interrupts with her assistant. Fallon brings up the bar but James tells her this isn’t about the bar, save it because the issues with the bar will be handled next week. James says she came here for Jensen, not Henley. James wishes Jensen good luck, and he’s shocked. Jensen thanks her, then they head out for the main event.
– We see footage from earlier today with Drew Gulak training in the ring with recruits. Hank Walker interrupts and apologizes, but says he saw Gulak scouting over the past few weeks. Hank knows he’s not Charlie Dempsey and knows he can get better, but he wants to know if Gulak has any advice. Hank knows he has a lot to prove but he’s willing to bust his ass to learn. 
Drew Gulak admires his zeal and eagerness. Drew Gulak says next week he’s hosting a seminar and he wants Hank to attend, but not to participate just to observe. Hank Walker agrees and says he will be there. Gulak says that sounds good and he will see him there. Hank apologizes for interrupting again, then walks off. Gulak goes back to training with the recruits.
– The New Day defeated Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen via pinfall and successfully retained their WWE NXT Tag Team Titles. After the match, The New Day stands tall and Fans chant “that was awesome!” now as The New Day holds the gold in the air. Henley comes in to help Jensen and Briggs back up. The New Day shakes hands with Henley, and their opponents. They begin celebrating as fans chant “New Day rocks!” now.
– We cut backstage to Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo. He’s apparently telling Donovan Dijak to stay out of Tony D’Angelo’s way next week when he faces NXT North American Champion Wes Lee, so Stacks doesn’t have to end his NXT run before it gets started, and Dijak won’t have any problems. The camera pans and we see Stacks was just practicing his speech to Dijak’s door. Stacks hypes himself up and says he’s got this. He enters Dijak’s locker room.
– Grayson Waller at backstage looking for NXT Champion Bron Breakker. Waller says he can’t find Bron Breakker, but Bron knows where to find him – in the ring. Waller heads to the ring.
– We get a new promo for the Countdown to New Year’s Evil on January 10. It appears this may be a new teaser promo for a female Superstar, perhaps the return of Tiffany Stratton.
– Ivy Nile, Tatum Paxley and The Creed Brothers are walking in the parking lot when a camera man approaches. He asks Nile and Paxley about the Triple Threat earlier tonight, saying it was a tough loss and commenting on growing pains, and if they will continue to team. Paxley takes some offense and says they are not done, everyone has growing pains, even NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Kayden Carter and Katana Chance. Nile says the loss was a small setback but they have made great strides. 
The Creed Brothers acknowledge how Nile and Paxley have busted their asses, and they are proud of them. Veer Mahaan and Sanga appear now. Indus Sher has heard a rumor that says Julius Creed is now medically cleared. Julius confirms this and says now Indus Sher can get it whenever. They say now The Creed Brothers can’t be trusted, so they have to show Indus Sher otherwise. Julius says he’s going one-on-one with JD McDonagh next week because JD hurt him, and he will prove it there. Julius says then Veer and Sanga will be out of excuses, and they have to make this fight happen. The Creeds, Nile and Paxley walk off.
– Grayson Waller makes his way to the ring with a mic. He calls out NXT Champion Bron Breakker and says he’s not waiting any longer, he’s calling his shot. Waller says nevermind, he forgot… Breakker is a coward. Waller goes on about carrying the NXT brand on its back, and being the biggest Superstar. He says there’s no one on the NXT roster or the main roster who can do what he does. He goes on about being the best as fans boo. 
Grayson Waller says people think Breakker likes to bark because he’s got the dog in him, but Waller doesn’t think he’s a dog at all, he thinks Bron is an absolute… the camera cuts to the parking lot as Breakker comes speeding up in his car, honking the horn. Breakker marches into the building and Waller gets ready to fight. Breakker’s music hits and here he comes as Waller waits. Breakker enters the ring, ducks a clothesline, then comes right back with a Spear, but he immediately collapses on top of Waller. Breakker is laid out. Waller gets up and takes off his jacket, revealing a steel plate. Waller tosses the plate onto Bron as fans begin the boos. 
Grayson Waller takes the mic and says he outsmarted Bron Breakker tonight, like he did at NXT Deadline, and at New Year’s Evil he will outsmart him one more time when he becomes NXT Champion because that is The Grayson Waller Effect. Grayson Waller raises the NXT Title belt in the air. Grayson Waller drops the strap on top of Bron Breakker as WWE Tuesday NXT goes off the air.

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