Tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw is live from the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Kevin Patrick welcomes us and he’s joined at ringside by Corey Graves. WWE announced Seth Rollins vs. Bobby Lashley for US Title #1 contender, Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss for Raw Women’s Title #1 contender, Candice LeRae vs. IYO SKY and more.

Here The WWE Monday Night Raw Full Results

– Tonight’s WWE Raw opened with Damage CTRL – Bayley with WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Dakota Kai and IYO SKY making their way to the ring. Becky Lynch suddenly pulls IYO SKY off the apron and beats her up, then takes out Kai and sends her over into the timekeeper’s area. Lynch then tosses SKY onto Kai as a shocked Bayley looks on. Lynch grabs a steel chair and chases SKY and Kai back to the back. Now, Alexa Bliss comes out for their #1 contenders match. Before they can get going, the music interrupts and out comes Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair to sit by the announcers.
– Alexa Bliss defeated Bayley via pinfall and became the new #1 contender for the Raw Women’s Championship. After the match, Bliss stands tall and Belair enters the ring now with the title. She raises it in the air and offers her hand for a shake. Bliss offers a hug instead as we see the Bray Wyatt logo flash on the screen. They hug but Bliss suddenly puts Belair into position for Sister Abigail, but then stops and snaps out of it. Bliss apologizes to Belair as she exits the ring.
– Byron Saxton at backstage interviewing Alpha Academy about the milk bath they received on SmackDown, and they’re still not happy over how everything went down with Kurt Angle. The O.C. walks by and they’re laughing. Chad Gable has words with them. AJ Styles says Karl Anderson is in Japan, but they’re laughing at a video he sent them, showing Alpha Academy’s milk bath from SmackDown. 
Chad Gable says people only talk about how good AJ Styles once was, and he can give AJ some free lessons to embarrass him on the world stage tonight. AJ Styles says Chad Gable has already been embarrassed, so why not do it again tonight. AJ tells Gable to go get some gear, that doesn’t smell like cottage cheese or Otis’ beard. Luke Gallows calls Alpha Academy nerds while Mia Yim laughs.
– We get a video package to hype tonight’s #1 contender’s main event, and looking at the era of WWE United States Champion Austin Theory.
– AJ Styles defeated Chad Gable via pinfall. After the match, AJ Styles stands tall and The O.C. poses in the middle of the ring.
– Candice LeRae approaches Johnny Gargano and Dexter Lumis at backstage trying to figure out how to spend the money they got from Miz but they’re having a hard time. Gargano wishes LeRae good luck in tonight’s match. She says maybe they’re having such a hard time because they have everything they need and it’s the holidays, a time for giving. She walks off. Gargano has an idea… he tells Lumis to follow him.
– The Judgement Day defeated The Street Profits and Akira Tozawa via pinfall.
– Johnny Gargano and Dexter Lumis show up at a WWE merchandise stand in the concourse area. They buy the whole merchandise stand, and Gargano is ready to go spread some holiday cheer. Johnny Gargano tells Lumis to follow him to the ring. Dexter Lumis stops and gives some merch to fans standing around.
– Johnny Gargano and Dexter Lumis making their way to the ring. Christmas music plays and they’re pulling a wagon full of merchandise. They start tossing the merch to fans. Gargano stands on top of the announce table with a t-shirt cannon but he’s suddenly attacked by someone in all-black. It’s The Miz. He grabs the money and runs up the stage but Adam Pearce blocks him, and orders him to go give the money back. 
Gargano and Lumis are waiting in the ring. Gargano orders Miz to give Dexter his money back. Pearce is also in the ring. Miz takes the mic and says this is his money. Pearce stops Lumis from going to get his axe. Pearce says he’s going to stop this show from turning to chaos. He tells Miz to give the money back. Miz is desperate to keep the money, and will even earn it back with a rematch. Gargano whispers something in Lumis’ ear after having words with Miz. Gargano proposes a match for next week… but this will be a Ladder Match with both bags of money hanging above the ring. 
Miz asks about both bags. Gargano says double or nothing, winner take all… if Lumis is putting money up, Miz needs to. Miz says he has no cash. Gargano doesn’t buy he’s not rich. Miz says he’s rich but not liquid, he has a ton of money… in accounts his wife controls. Miz goes on about how Maryse gives him an allowance. A “tiny balls!” chant breaks out. Miz yells about having gigantic balls. Gargano tells him to ask Maryse for an allowance extension. Miz says he will figure out a way to get the money, don’t worry. Gargano says if Miz wants the match, they need him to help give all this merchandise away… dressed as Santa’s Little Elf. Miz hates the idea but Pearce makes it official.
– IYO SKY defeated Candice LeRae via pinfall. After the match, Damage CTRL stands tall together in the middle of the ring. Kevin Patrick hypes Dakota Kai and IYO SKY defending their Tag Team titles against Tegan Nox and Liv Morgan on this week’s Friday Night SmackDown.
– We see how Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos retained over Kevin Owens and Matt Riddle last week, then how Solo Sikoa sent Riddle out in an ambulance after the match.
– Cathy Kelley at backstage with Kevin Owens, asking about last week. Owens goes on about Solo Sikoa being dangerous but Elias interrupts. He has a big match with Sikoa and wants to know if he can count on Owens being in his corner tonight. Owens is shocked. He asks Elias if he forgot the months of mental torment he put him through earlier this year. Elias says this was his brother Ezekiel. Owens goes on ranting but Elias wants to wipe the slate clean. He says the past is the past. Owens is shocked at Elias saying he needs him. He walks off, comes back with his mouth hanging open, then walks right back off.
– Elias is in the ring for a Matt Riddle tribute concert. The spotlight is down and Elias is with his guitar. There’s a large photo of Riddle on display. Elias says he knew Riddle was aware of one universal truth – that WWE stands for Walk With Elias. He says Riddle’s dream was to perform in this ring with him. Elias looks at Riddle’s bongo drums and says he won him over. He shows an item he found in Elias’ gear last week – it’s a rolled joint. The crowd laughs. No, it’s a rolled paper of lyrics, he says. He unrolls the lyrics and begins performing a new song – Elias You’re My Bro. The music interrupts and out comes Solo Sikoa and Sami Zayn of The Bloodline.
– Solo Sikoa defeated Elias via pinfall. After the match, Sikoa stands tall and Sami enters the ring. Sami continues to talk Sikoa up. Sikoa attacks Elias while he’s down as Sami cheers him on. Sami now holds Elias up while Solo delivers the Samoan Spike. Sikoa goes out and grabs a steel chair while Sami trash talks Elias. Sikoa wraps the chair around Elias’ neck and pounds on him in the corner. 
Sikoa then goes for the Umaga Splash but Kevin Owens runs down and sends Sikoa out of the ring with a Stunner. Zayn retreats as Owens stares him down. Owens grabs a chair and dares Sikoa to come back and fight. Sikoa teases a fight but Zayn holds him back, saying this is not the time. Elias gets up and touches Owens on the shoulder while thanking him, but Owens turns around to deliver a Stunner to Elias. Owens’ music hits as he tosses a chair and marches up the ramp.
– We get a Tribute to The Troops video, narrated by John Cena. Fans in the arena chant “USA!” now.
– Rhea Ripley defeated Asuka via pinfall. After the match, Ripley rushes to ringside to tend to Dominik as he screams out. Ripley carries Dominik away to backstage.
– We see Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins backstage ahead of tonight’s main event.
– We see what happened between Dolph Ziggler and WWE United States Champion Austin Theory. Ziggler at backstage by himself now. He praises the WWE United States Title and says Theory doesn’t act like a champion. Ziggler says Theory’s attitude will be his downfall and he’s not worthy to be champion. Ziggler tells Theory he better watch his back, kid.
– Seth Rollins defeated Bobby Lashley via pinfall and became the new #1 contender for the WWE United States Championship. After the match, Rollins’ music hits as he stands tall and celebrates. Bobby ashley is furious with the referee now. He yells at him, then elbows another. Adam Pearce runs down and they argue. Things get heated and Pearce says Lashley is fired. An angry Pearce storms off. Lashley is shocked. Lashley walks up the ramp and Monday Night Raw goes off the air.

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