On the October 10th edition of Monday Night Raw, The AllMighty Bobby Lashley listed off the names of previous wrestlers he had defeated, which included Brock Lesnar, who he faced only once and defeated at the Royal Rumble 2022 in January. But Brock Lesnar made a surprise return and attacked Bobby Lashley, which ultimately cost Lashley his United States Championship, which happened right after Lesnar’s attack. 

Later at backstage on same night, Bobby Lashley challenged Brock Lesnar to face him on the following week’s episode of Raw, where the two stars brawled which ended after Bobby Lashley put Brock Lesnar through the commentators table. Later that night, WWE announced that Brock Lesnar will face Bobby Lashley in one-on-one match at WWE Crown Jewel 2022 premium live event.
Before the start of the match, Bobby Lashley attacked Brock Lesnar at the ringside and gain the control. Bobby Lashley was dominate in the entire match and took out Lesnar with spear after spear. At the end of the match, Lashley went of the Hurt Lock and Lesnar almost seemed fade out. But Lesnar came to his feet and with help of turnbuckle he fall over the Lashley, who still holds the Hurt Lock and referee counts three and Lesnar wins.
After the bell, Bobby Lashley was shocked and had words with referee. Then, disappointed Bobby Lashley went to Lesnar and applied Hurt Lock again and Lesnar fades out. Then, Lashley raises his arm and left the ring while Lesnar recovers in the ring.

😲😲😲😲😲😲#WWECrownJewel pic.twitter.com/gUMumzV8Ry

— WWE (@WWE) November 5, 2022

#WWECrownJewel is off to a hot start as @BrockLesnar clashes with @fightbobby! pic.twitter.com/R9sn8olnSj

— WWE (@WWE) November 5, 2022

.@BrockLesnar defeats @fightbobby at #WWECrownJewel, but The All Mighty gets the last laugh! pic.twitter.com/xLcM1IALpq

— WWE (@WWE) November 5, 2022

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