The Prizefighter Kevin Owens hasn’t seen on WWE TV for a while. Owens last televised match taking place on the September 30 edition of Friday Night SmackDown, in which he teamed up with Drew McIntyre and Johnny Gargano to defeat Alpha Academy and Austin Theory. Now, we got a update that Triple H has massive plans for return of former Universal Champion Kevin Owens.

According to the reports of Steve Carrier of Ringside News, the former Universal Champion Kevin Owens return to WWE TV is already set in stone with concrete plans. However, the company’s creative department is waiting for the right time to bring back Kevin Owens.
“Kevin Owens’ hasn’t been on television, but WWE hasn’t forgotten about him at all. In fact, there are concrete plans for his return when the “time is right.”” (H/T: Ringside News)
The prizefighter Kevin Owens has seemingly reverted to his NXT gimmick since Triple H took over as head of creative from Vince McMahon in July 2022 and competed in some stellar matches on the Monday Night Raw. Previously, it was reported that Sami Zayn’s current storyline with The Bloodline might have delayed the former Universal Champion Kevin Owens return to WWE TV.

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