Tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw is live from the Paycom Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Corey Graves welcomes us and he’s joined at ringside by Kevin Patrick. They talk about how Lesnar attacked Lashley last week, which softened him up for Seth Rollins to capture the WWE United States Title.

Here The WWE Monday Night Raw Full Results:

– Bobby Lashley is already speaking on the mic from in the ring about Brock Lesnar. He calls Lesnar to the ring. The music hits and here comes Brock Lesnar to a big pop. Lashley looks on from the ring and Lesnar smiles, but he’s also ready to fight tonight. Lashley finally exits the ring but Lesnar attacks him at ringside, dumping him on his head. Lesnar sends Lashley into the ring post, then scoops him for a big F5 on the floor but Lashley slides out and sends Lesnar face-first into the ring post.
Lashley charges with a big Spear to put Lesnar through the barrier into the timekeeper’s area. Officials rush out to try and restore order as fans go wild. Officials, Superstars and security back Lashley away from the ring while Lesnar tries to recover. Lashley gets around the group and delivers another big Spear, this time laying Lesnar out on top of the announce table. They tumble to the floor behind the announce table, brawling. They get back up and Lashley quickly puts Lesnar through the announce table with a big Spinebuster. 
Bobby Lashley is backed away from the ringside area while Lesnar is laid out flat on what’s left of the table. Lashley is fired up now. Adam Pearce yells at him from the apron. Lesnar is trying to recover but he’s still down. Lashley tells security he’s good, get away. We come back and Lesnar still has not fully recovered. Lashley looks on while security, officials and Superstars still keep him backed away. 
– The O.C defeated The Alpha Academy via pinfall. After the match, AJ hits the ring to celebrate and The O.C. stands tall until the music interrupts and here comes The Judgment Day’s Finn Balor, Damian Priest, Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio. They taunt them with “too sweet!” and say it’s the same old crap we’ve all seen before. Priest says the three of you think you actually accomplished something great… a “you suck!” chant interrupts but Priest says they stopped giving a damn about fans a long time ago. 
Priest continued that the only thing The O.C. accomplished was guaranteeing they will be cooked by The Judgment Day. Balor reminds us he started this little club, and says he will end them as well. Balor challenges The O.C. to a match at Crown Jewel. AJ accepts. AJ says he can’t understand why everyone does this – this is Raw, let’s do this in the ring tonight, right now. That is unless you three boys have to ask your mother for permission. Balor asks how dare they but Dominik tells AJ to shut his mouth unless he wants to be like his dad, running to the other brand with his tail between his legs because he can’t hang with The Judgment Day. 
AJ insults Dominik and calls him a piece of trash for turning his back on his own father. AJ calls him scum and a little punk. AJ challenges Dominik to a match tonight. Ripley says Dominik will rip AJ from limb to limb. She asks Dominik if he agrees and if he’s a man or not. Dominik talks some trash but doesn’t sound sure. AJ calls him to the ring but Dominik isn’t ready and doesn’t even have his gear or tape. Dominik says when he is ready, he will mop the floor with AJ… in about an hour. AJ tells Dominik to go get ready, then he will do what his father should’ve done – beat the piss out of him. Then that will be too sweet.
– The new WWE United States Champion Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring in a red suit. Rollins takes the mic as fans sing along with his theme. Rollins welcomes Oklahoma City to Monday Night Rollins. He reintroduces himself as a visionary, a revolutionary, and your new United States Champion. Rollins says for all the haters who doubted him, turned their backs on him and counted him out… they can kiss his big, beautiful, red behind. Rollins laughs. He says for all the fine folks out there who have always had his back, never counted him out and always believed in him… do what you have done and sing his song.
Fans start singing again. Rollins thinks they sound beautiful. He says tonight is historic as it will be the first defense in what will be the greatest WWE United States Title reign of all-time. He says tonight he will wipe the mat with Matt Riddle’s face, and in doing so, he will clear up a bit of a miscommunication that was the Fight Pit loss at Extreme Rules. Fans chant “you tapped out!” now. Rollins says he may have tapped out in the Triangle Sleeper but that was a strategic move, he did that for the fans, because two days later he needed to be in the best physical condition so he could come to Raw and beat Bobby Lashley, for the fans.
The music interrupts and here comes Mustafa Ali. Ali congratulates Rollins on his title win. Ali was waiting for Rollins to thank Brock Lesnar for the assist. Ali says Lashley promised him he was next in line for a title shot, and he realizes things change, champions change, but his challenge remains the same. Ali is in the ring now. He says he wants to fight Rollins and he wants to fight for the title. Rollins laughs in Ali’s face. 
Rollins asks Ali if he looks like Lashley… Rollins says sorry, Ali has to go to the back of the line. Rollins is focused on Riddle for tonight… he says Ali has two options – stay out here and party to celebrate the new champion, or get out of Rollins’ ring because you don’t belong in this ring with him. Rollins laughs some more. Ali pulls Rollins’ sunglasses off and Rollins is speechless. Ali says it’s not going down like that… Rollins may be Seth Freakin’ Rollins but Ali is his next freakin’ problem. Ali yells about not backing down without a fight for the title. Rollins appreciates what he’s doing, and Rollins actually likes and respects Ali as he’s one of the best performers in the ring. 
Seth Rollins says Ali is an even better human being. Rollins sees Ali helping others out backstage… he’s a great friend, a great father… Rollins suddenly decks Ali with a cheap shot, then tosses him out of the ring to boos. Rollins exits the ring and walks off with the title as fans sing his song. Ali attacks from behind but Rollins nails him in the throat. Rollins sends Ali face-first into the ring post, turning him inside out. Fans boo as Rollins walks away, calling for his music to be hit. Rollins laughs and marches up the ramp while Ali tries to recover.
– We see the white horned limousine of WWE Hall of Famer JBL arriving in the parking lot.
– Dakota Kai and IYO SKY defeated Candice LeRae and Bianca Belair via pinfall.
– Matt Riddle is stopped by Cathy Kelley at backstage and asks about what Seth Rollins said earlier. Riddle says he already exposed Rollins in the Fight Pit but tonight he will beat his ass bad and become the new WWE United States Champion. Riddle walks over to Mustafa Ali and promises to give him the title shot he deserves when he wins the United States Title tonight. We hear The Miz screaming out in pain. Ali and Riddle walk over to see Miz down and clutching his knee. He claims he slipped on something and hurt his knee when looking over his shoulder for Dexter Lumis. Miz says there’s no way he can compete tonight. He sends Riddle and Ali to get him a doctor.
– The Judgment Day is at backstage talking when WWE NXT’s Cora Jade walks up. They seem a bit annoyed but they leave Rhea Ripley to handle it. Jade explains her “Pick Your Poison” situation with Roxanne Perez, who has her facing Raquel Gonzalez tomorrow night. Ripley mentions how she and Raquel were once like Jade and Perez. Ripley says she’s in, she will face Perez tomorrow night.
– The WWE Hall of Famer JBL makes his way to the ring. JBL says it takes a momentous occasion for The Wrestling God to come back to WWE and tonight is no exception. JBL says he has an announcement that will shake the very foundation of Raw, but first he wants to say something from the bottom of his heart… in all sincerity, to the world… he apologizes. For doing this… in Oklahoma. Fans boo but JBL starts ripping the locals, pointing to how the great state of Texas is nearby. JBL goes on and says as much as he’d love to stay out here an bash Oklahoma, because he really despises the state and all of these fans, but he’s got great news.
JBL says Rey Mysterio left Raw for SmackDown as Dominik Mysterio found out what we’ve known for years, that Rey the deadbeat dad is one of the worst human beings ever. Fans boo. JBL says Rey wears a mask because he’s ashamed of himself, but that void has created the biggest trade since Babe Ruth came to the New York Yankees. JBL calls for the sweathogs to stand on their feet, put their chubby hands together and welcome the greatest addition to Raw ever – Mr. Baron Corbin.
The music hits and here comes Baron Corbin wearing new gear, and with an updated theme. JBL applauds from the ring as Corbin makes his way in. Corbin shakes hands with JBL, then hits the corners to pose. JBL praises Corbin as three times the size of Mysterio, and says the dominance of Baron Corbin starts tonight. JBL says he asked for competition and WWE gave them a former World Champion – Dolph Ziggler. 
JBL says Ziggler isn’t stealing the show, he’s been stealing money from the company for years because if he was in the Attitude Era, he would’ve never made the cut. JBL says looking at the rest of the roster backstage today, they also would never have made it, they would’ve had to watch the show from the crowd like you fans, and praise the greats like Corbin. JBL goes on and declares today starts the Monday Night Raw emergence of The Modern Day Wrestling God – Mr. Baron Corbin. The music hits and here comes Dolph Ziggler.
– Baron Corbin defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall. After the match, JBL enters the ring and applauds while Corbin celebrates. JBL drops to a knee and presents Corbin to the crowd as he stands tall.
– Byron Saxton approaches The Miz in the trainer’s room. Miz is still selling the knee injury but Saxton says the custodial staff came forward and says they saw Miz pouring water on the floor, and then sit on it, and he also put up the wet floor sign. Miz can’t believe they’d accuse him of staging the incident. He goes on until Johnny Gargano yells about seeing Dexter Lumis from the hallway. Miz suddenly jumps up with no knee issues. Gargano taunts Miz and walks off. Miz says he will fight tonight because his superior DNA has allowed him to heal, but it’s unfortunate for He Who Shall Not Be Named, because he is the one who will be injured tonight and walks off.
– MVP and Omos standing at backstage. MVP praises Braun Strowman and says he’s not here to disparage him, just celebrate him. He goes on and says the mention of Braun’s name brings fear into ordinary men, but The Nigerian Giant standing next to him is very far from ordinary, he is the personification of extraordinary. MVP says he and Omos will be on SmackDown this week and Omos will walk up to Strowman, look down at him, in his eyes, to make sure the so-called Monster of All Monsters understands the 7-foot-3, 403 pound giant fears no man. MVP says let’s face it, monsters aren’t real but giants are. The camera cuts to Omos pounding his fist in his hand.
– The O.C. at backstage when NXT’s Cameron Grimes walks up. AJ Styles asks what brought him to Raw. Grimes says he’s had some problems with The Schism on NXT, and he could use some help, so he came to Raw to see if you boys might be his tag team partner. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson like the talk of how much money Grimes has, and they are to be paid in cash only. They accept and Grimes says it will be too sweet. Grimes walks off. Anderson says that’s another payday for the boys. AJ says they haven’t changed a bit.
– Dominik Mysterio defeated AJ Styles via pinfall. After the match, AJ is shocked over the upset. The Judgment Day taunts AJ and celebrates up the ramp. Gallows and Anderson join AJ in the ring while The Judgment Day is all smiles on the stage.
– The Miz at backstage warming up when Johnny Gargano appears, introducing himself as a fellow Clevelander. He says he’s known Dexter Lumis for a while and he knows the real story between Miz and Lumis. Miz says the truth is he’s been victimized by a demented stalker but after he beats him tonight on Raw, he will be gone forever. Gargano says OK, good luck with that. Miz says after he’s done with “him” tonight, maybe he has a score to settle with Gargano as well. Gargano taunts Miz and walks off. Miz looks ahead and continues warming up.
– Dexter Lumis makes his way to the ring for a match against The Miz. If he wins, he earns a WWE contract but if The Miz wins, Lumis will be gone forever. Miz suddenly attacks Lumis during his entrance and beats him down on the stage with a steel chair. Miz unloads with numerous chair shots, then backs away to boos as officials rush out to check on Lumis. Miz heads to the back while more help is called for Lumis, who is face-down and out.
– Byron Saxton at backstage with Damage CTRL. He congratulates them on the earlier win and asks what’s next for the group. They are tired of being asked what’s next. They brag about what they’ve done, and take credit for Alexa Bliss and Asuka being gone. They go on about how what they’ve done is just a preview of how they will continue to reign over the tag team division. IYO SKY speaks in Japanese and Bayley agrees, saying Shotzi and Raquel Rodriguez don’t stand a chance on Friday’s SmackDown against the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. 
Bayley says as for herself, she’s over what Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair did tonight, and over what happened at Extreme Rules because Belair did not pin her. Bayley says she’s not letting Belair off that easy so next week she will show Belair what it’s like when Bayley is back in control. The announcers confirm Belair vs. Bayley for next week, with no mention of it being a title shot.
– The Miz is walking backstage. Johnny Gargano says that was a bad move and Dexter Lumis won’t stop until you give him what he wants. Gargano feels bad for Miz, saying what’s the worst that can happen if you tell the truth. Gargano is wearing a whistle. He says he blow the whistle on Miz if he doesn’t come clean. Miz storms off.
– Elias in the ring and introduced himself as fans cheer on his return. The lights are low and Elias has a spotlight. He also has a keyboard set up, with two guitars. Elias says it feels great to be back. He says his younger brother Ezekiel tragically had his career cut short, but that’s the reason he’s here tonight. Elias says there’s a saying in his family – the show must go on. He has one question for the crowd tonight – who wants to Walk With Elias? He says normally he comes out and plays one of his songs but he wanted something special for Oklahoma City tonight.
Elias has written a song, straight from the heart and soul. He wanted to play it on the keys but he gets a little emotional doing this one. He asks fans to silence their phones and hold their applause until he gets done. Elias sighs and gets ready to go but the music interrupts and here comes Matt Riddle with a set of bongo drums. Fans chant “bro!” as Riddle enters the ring.
Riddle says he’s a huge Elias fan, and he was getting Zeked Up when Ezekiel was around. Riddle asks if Elias wants to hit his “bong” drums. Elias says that’s not really his thing. Riddle says he and everyone else knows WWE means Walk With Elias. Riddle gets fans to sing along and clap to the phrase, using the tune of “Seven Nation Army” as Elias looks on. Elias tells Riddle to relax and listen to the song he has for Oklahoma City, it will put everyone in a good mood. Fans chant “Bro!” after Riddle asks if they could possibly perform together one day. 
Elias promises Riddle in front of the whole world that one day they will play together. Riddle is excited. Riddle takes his seat on the mat and tells Elias not to hesitate if he needs anything. Elias begins his song on the keyboard. Again music interrupts and here comes WWE United States Champion Seth Rollins. Riddle jumps up to his feet and he’s not happy. Riddle and Elias look on as Rollins makes his way out for the main event. Fans sing Rollins’ theme and he says that’s a real song.
– Seth Rollins defeated Riddle via pinfall and successfully retained his WWE United States Championship. After the match, Rollins’ music hits but Elias is coming to. Rollins immediately puts him back down with a Stomp. Rollins raises the title in the air as fans begin singing his theme. Rollins places the title belt under Riddle’s face and goes for a Stomp but Mustafa Ali interrupts him with a tackle. 
Ali mounts Rollins with punches, then knocks him to the floor. Ali with a suicide dive to send Rollins over the announce table. Ali runs and leaps over the table again, then sens Rollins into the crowd. Rollins retreats and Ali tries to grab him but he gets away. Ali stands on top of the announce table and yells out about being Rollins’ problem now. Rollins raises the WWE United States Title from the crowd as Ali stares him down. They yell some trash talk to each other as Monday Night Raw goes off the air.

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