Tonight’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown is live from the Huntington Center in Toledo, Ohio. Michael Cole welcomes us and he’s joined at ringside by Wade Barrett. We got a quick message from Bray Wyatt. Following that announcers hype a face-off between Omos and Braun Strowman for tonight’s show.

Here The WWE Friday Night SmackDown Full Results:

– Solo Sikoa defeated Sheamus via pinfall. After the match, Solo stands tall and The Bloodline joined for celebrations. Sheamus is tossed to the floor as The Bloodline continues the attack. Sami and Jimmy have steel chairs. Jey snatches the chair from Sami. Sheamus is held down with his arm wrapped in a chair on the steel steps. Jey unloads on the chair and Sheamus’ arm with another chair until Sami finally calls him off. Fans boo while Sheamus yells out and clutches his forearm. Holland and Butch are still trapped under the announce table. Officials tell The Bloodline to leave the ringside area.
– We see footage from earlier today with Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci approaching Rey Mysterio backstage. They taunt him and say he has no chance at beating GUNTHER. They say this will be the end of Rey. Rey says this is not the end of anything, actually this is a new beginning for him, and coming to SmackDown is just what he needed. Rey speaks some in Spanish and says he’s not looking for trouble but he doesn’t appreciate being disrespected. Rey asks if either of them have the balls to step in the ring with him tonight. Kaiser accepts and says he will make sure to replenish the disrespect.
– Bray Wyatt at backstage now, pacing around. He says he didn’t get to finish what he was saying last week, but that’s OK because he will now. He used to say all the time how revenge is a confession of pain, and it still is, he still believes that, but he feels like confessing some things to the fans tonight, it could help, so here it goes.
Wyatt confesses he has problems, everyone knows he has problems, he’s always had them, it’s not hard for people to see but there’s a few of them, like anger, sometimes it can take him to places he doesn’t want to be, last time it took him to a place he never should’ve come back from, but for whatever reason he did, getting chances most people won’t get, but he also confesses this time he was happy, he was content with just being left alone, OK with it being over. He wanted people to stop saying his name, to leave him the hell alone, but he confesses he’s really glad because he needs the fans, he needed all of them, to pull the spears from his ribs and lift him up. 
He goes on and says he’s thankful for that. Wyatt’s theme starts to crank up in the background now. Wyatt says someone told him he should do without, and he can now see what this person wants. He knows who you are, what you’re trying to do, what you want, but it won’t work. Wyatt confesses on this journey he will do horrible, horrible things, but he will not feel sorry for them. Wyatt is just a servant now, and he goes where The Circle takes him. Wyatt winks and smirks to end the segment.
– The Bloodline at backstage now. Sami Zayn and Jimmy Uso are celebrating. Jey Uso gets onboard but Solo Sikoa seems a bit annoyed. Jey tells him to get hyped up with them. Sami praises Solo and says tonight he sent a message to Sheamus and the rest of the locker room, saying they shouldn’t mess with The Bloodline. Sami says their job here tonight is over. Jey says it’s just getting started because Logan Paul will be here tonight and they need to get him also, complete the mission. 
Sami says Roman Reigns was specific – do not engage with Paul at all tonight. Sami says Reigns is kinda right because the last thing they want is for Paul to think he’s in their heads. Sami says it wouldn’t be very Uce-y. Jimmy agrees with Sami. Jey hesitates and agrees, but then says he’s a hot head so we will just see what happens by the end of the night, to see what really happens. Jey walks off. Sami says Jey was serious, and Jimmy agrees.
– Liv Morgan vs. Sonya Deville matc ended with Double Cout Out. After the match, Liv smiles at the bell. Liv pulls a bunch of steel chairs from under the ring, tossing them into the ring. Fans want tables now. Deville returns to the ring while Liv starts gathering a bunch of chairs in the middle of the ring. Liv returns to the ring and rocks Deville in the corner, then takes her to the top. Liv with a big superplex on top of the chairs. Liv smiles while crawling to Deville. Liv gets down in Deville’s face at end.
– We got a new dark vignette for The Viking Raiders and Sarah Logan. Valhalla Awaits.
– A video package hyping up LA Knight aired. 
– Braun Strowman makes his way to the ring. Braun takes the mic and says look at him – clearly he is not someone easy to miss, so if you have a problem, he’s not hard to find. He heard MVP running his mouth on Raw this week, so let’s get to the point – bring Omos out now so he can look in the eyes of a real monster. The music hits and here comes MVP to the stage, with no sign of Omos. 
MVP says at no point has he referred to Braun than anything less than a monster of a man, because that’s what he is. He goes on about how Braun is always the biggest and strongest, until last week when he found himself in the midst of a legitimate giant. MVP is in the ring now. MVP advises Braun to stay away from Omos if he wants fans to continue seeing him as the giant, because he will be exposed if standing near Omos. Braun has heard enough. He tells MVP to have Omos try him at WWE Crown Jewel if he’s so sure.
MVP makes sure this is a challenge. Braun says you heard him. MVP accepts the challenge and says when Omos rag-dolls Braun at Crown Jewel, then… Braun interrupts and says everyone knows he’s more for action than talking. Braun says since MVP is by himself and Omos didn’t show up… MVP says he never said Omos isn’t here. The music hits and here comes Omos down the ramp.
Omos enters the ring and stares Strowman down, towering over him a bit. The Monster of All Monsters Braun Strowman steps closer to The Nigeriana Giant Omos, chest-to-chest now. Braun looks up at Omos and talks some trash. Omos shoves Braun out of the ring to the floor. Braun gets up and laughs, a bit shocked at what just happened. Omos and MVP exit the ring to boos from the fans. Braun is fired up now as he yells at Omos from the other side of the ring. Cole asks if Braun has been exposed.
– Michael Cole says Sheamus seriously injured his shoulder earlier in the attack from The Bloodline, and was taken to a local hospital. Cole hopes to have an update later.
– We see how Drew McIntyre crashed into Karrion Kross and Scarlett last week, then beat Kross down. Kayla Braxton is backstage with Drew McIntyre now. She says upper management isn’t too happy with what happened last week. She asks if there have been any repercussions. Drew says the truth is, Kross pushed him to his breaking point at Extreme Rules and… yeah, Drew was called to WWE HQ last week and they had some uncomfortable conversations. Drew says it was made clear that if he and Kross meet again and start fighting, there will be severe consequences, but they all agreed that this needs to end, so it will end at WWE Crown Jewel… in a Steel Cage match. Drew walks off.
– We see a black SUV arriving in the back parking lot. Logan Paul hops out and heads into the building.
– Dakota Kai and IYO SKY defeated Raquel Rodriguez and Shotzi via pinfall and successfully retained their WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. After the match, SKY and Kai regroup as Bayley brings the titles in the ring to celebrate. A disappointed Raquel look on from ringside and she consoles Shotzi from the floor while Damage CTRL poses together.
– Kayla Braxton at backstage with SmackDown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey now. She asks if there will be an Open Challenge because fans are expecting one based on Rousey’s previous title changes. Rousey asks if that’s what they’re expecting? She says let’s get something clear – she issues Open Challenges to prove she’s the best, not entertain the WWE Universe, she owes them nothing.
She further says she gave the fans everything she had and got nothing but hate for it. If she kept chasing their approval after all that, how pathetic does that make her? She didn’t come back for them, doesn’t win for them, and ripped the title off Glitter Cinderella in spite of them. She says they don’t want the best to win, they want their favorites to win, so now they’re stuck with the best. Kayla asks about the Open Challenge again. Rousey says she will issue one next week when she feels it but for now she’s got to get the hell out of Ohio and walks off.
– The announcers are suddenly interrupted by the Uncle Howdy mask character. His voice is distorted but there’s a QR code. The voice repeats a line about how you shouldn’t lie to the ones you love. The Bray Wyatt logo appears on the screen.
– Legado del Fantasma at backstage. Santos Escobar says the family business is growing into an empire, business is growing stronger and farther for mergers & acquisitions. He says their latest acquisition is the beautiful, ruthless and powerful Zelina Vega. Vega hands her jeweled video game controller to one of the other members. She says Escobar is right, she’s been successful at everything she’s ever done. She says they have no peers or competition because they are head and shoulders above everyone else. 
Escobar and Vega stand with Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro now. Santos goes on about how they are built on tradition, heritage and culture, and their legacy on SmackDown begins by destroying Hit Row. They all go a toast and smile at the camera. Hit Row is seen watching backstage now. They can’t believe Hit Row thinks they will end them, and that they are above everyone else. They are tired of getting jumped and say Legado del Fantasma doesn’t want to see them face-to-face. B-Fab says it doesn’t matter because she has an idea, so let’s go. Ashante “Thee” Adonis and “Top Dolla” AJ Francis follow B-Fab out to end the segment.
– Rey Mysterio defeated Ludwig Kaiser via pinfall.
– Logan Paul is walking at backstage. He stops at The Bloodline’s door and smiles, then keeps walking.
– The announcers confirm the following for next week’s SmackDown on FS1 – an Open Challenge from SmackDown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey, Solo Sikoa and Sami Zayn vs. Ridge Holland and Butch, Hit Row with a mystery partner vs. Legado del Fantasma in six-man action, plus the return of Roman Reigns.
– We see what happened earlier to Sheamus at the hands of The Bloodline. Cole says Sheamus is still under doctor’s observation at a local hospital, but early word is that he has a non-displaced fracture.
– Logan Paul makes his way to the ring. We see photos of Paul training in the ring this week with WWE Hall of Famer & Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative Shawn Michaels.
Paul takes the mic and yells out at the crowd. He says it feels good to be back in Ohio, but back to the hard-cam now – to all the WWE die-hards at home, I know you doubt me but newsflash dummies – I’ve been doubted by whole life and look where I’m at now. Paul runs his mouth a lot because he’s confident in himself and his abilities. He doesn’t need some angry looking Paul Heyman dude talking for me, he doesn’t nee some guy who is the same guy as the other protecting him (Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos), and he doesn’t need some guy named Solo who is never alone, and he definitely doesn’t have any friends who look like Sami Zayn, but he does have the desire to be the best. 
Paul knows he’s the underdog in this fight, as he should be. He knows no one is expecting him to step in the ring with The GOAT, and actually win, but what happens if he does? Paul goes on about how he could beat Reigns bad and win the title, knocking out all of his teeth. Jey Uso suddenly attacks from behind and beats Paul down in the middle of the ring. Jey superkicks Paul into the corner, then delivers a big Umaga/Rikishi splash. Paul is down and dazed in the corner. Jey yells out at the crowd as they boo him back. Jey raises his 1 in the air as Sami hits the apron, saying he can’t do this because The Tribal Chief said so.
Sami tells Jey to leave the ring, but Jey charges for another Umaga splash to Paul. but Paul side-steps it, and drops Jey with one right hand. Logn Paul looks at Sami, then puts his hat back on and briefly poses before exiting the ring. A shocked Sami looks on as Paul celebrates to the back. Logan Paul looks on from the stage as Cole hypes Logan Paul vs. Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Title at Crown Jewel, wondering if he can win the title with one lucky shot like he hit Jey with. Paul laughs and yells out “one shot!” as Friday Night SmackDown goes off the air.
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