Tonight at WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Premium Live Event, WWE Hall of Famer Edge took on Finn Balor in an “I Quit” Match in Philadelphia. Balor got new theme music and a different entrance. He walked to the ring with a mask that resembled the masks worn by Demolition in 1990.
Edge and Finn Balor had a huge brawl at ringside at the start of the match and continued to fight in the ring. Both superstars gave everything in the match and Edge got slight upper hand in the match until Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio got involved. Edge was outnumbered by the Judgement Day but he still fought back and speared Balor through the ropes and onto Priest. But Rhea Ripley cleverly handcuffed Edge to ropes and all Judgement Day started attacking him. 
Then, Rey Mysterio came out to save but he was also took out by Judgement Day and goes for Edge. Then, Beth Phoenix ran in the ring, she took the kendo stick from Balor and then used it to attack him. Beth was about to beat Dominik but Ripley got into the ring and a fight broke out between both women. Beth speared Ripley out of the ring and Beth got the key and she unlocked the cuffs that were on Edge.
Edge speared Priest, he went after Dominik with a low blow. Balor hit the slingblade from behind but Edge recovered and hit the spear. He hit two more spears and then told Beth to get a chair. Edge used the bar to lock in a crossface but Ripley took out Phoenix with brass knuckles and Priest chokeslammed Edge. Balor hit three coup de grace stomps off the top onto Edge.
Rhea Ripley got the steel chairs to use on Beth and Finn says this Edge’s last chance to say I Quit. Ripley was about to hit the con-chair-to on Beth’s head. That was enough for Edge to say “I Quit” to end the match but Ripley hit the con-chair-to after the match ended. Edge was shocked and checking on Beth. Officials and trainers were out to check on the Beth Phoenix. 

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