The Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has been at the top of his game for over two years in WWE as The Head of the Table. Many fans believes that it is his best run in the company and that he’s undoubtedly the biggest star in pro wrestling currently. Now, we got some backstage details about Roman Reigns storylines.

According to the PWInsider reports, The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns works together with his special counsel Paul Heyman and “The Game” Triple H to craft his own storylines, as he did with Vince McMahon when the former WWE CEO was the head of creative.
“Since we have been asked a lot about this of late, Roman Reigns has a great deal of say in his current storylines, including the current one with Logan Paul. We are told that he and Paul Heyman work together on the creative for Reigns in conjunction with Triple H, just as they did previously with Vince McMahon during the previous WWE management regime. It is a collaborative effort.”

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