At WWE Clash at the Castle event, Roman Reigns successfully defended his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against the Drew McIntyre. The WWE Universe was disappointed after Drew McIntyre failed to beat Roman Reigns as it was believed that he would get the win at WWE’s major stadium show in the UK. 
Roman Reigns has held the Universal title for over two years. There were considerations of having him drop the title to Drew McIntyre to please the UK fans and then he would regain it later. However, the WWE’s huge plans for Roman Reigns next match at Crown Jewel possibly a reason for McIntyre not becoming the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.
According to the Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, one of the reason for Drew McIntyre not winning the WWE Universal championship at Clash at the Castle was because WWE wanted Roman Reigns to remain champion, in order to book a marguee match against Logan Paul at upcoming Crown Jewel event.
”The match also gives another reason why Reigns beat Drew McIntyre in Cardiff, Wales, which was the perfect place to do a title change after Reigns’ long reign.”
”And with this match planned, the idea of him losing to McIntyre and then regaining it in January, which they could have done, couldn’t have been done since they wanted Paul for Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia was the next match for Reigns.”

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