Tonight’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown is live from the PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina. Michael Cole welcomes us and joined at ringside by Pat McAfee. WWE announced Intercontinental Championship match between Gunther and Shinsuke Nakamura,  Raquel Rodriguez & Aaliyah vs. Xia Li & Shotzi for WWE Women’s Tag Team tournament first round and Smackdown Women’s Championship contract singing between Liv Morgan and Shayna Baszler.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Full Results:

– Aliyah and Raquel Rodriguez defeated Xia Li and Shotzi via pinfall and advanced to next round in WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles Tournament. After the match, Rodriguez and Aliyah stood tall and fans cheer them on. Raquel and Aliyah will now face the winner of next Friday’s Natalya and Deville vs. Lyons and Stark match.
– We get a backstage promo from Karrion Kross now, and Scarlett is with him. Kross says in the midst of chaos, opportunity tends to present itself. Kross says last week that is exactly what happened – the rebirth of a darkened soul. Kross says Drew and Reigns, the chosen ones… it must be nice. He and Scarlett were cast out of paradise, disregarded like a broken toy to be forgotten but they never forgot. They prepared and waited for the perfect time to strike… for vengeance. 
Kross says everyone knows about The Bloodline but now he wants to show us the new timeline… no matter how or where the time is told, in the end, everybody pays the toll. Tick, tock… we see Kross look around a corner at McIntyre making his entrance to the ring.
– Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring. Drew gives a shout-out to Raleigh. He says it’s an exciting time for WWE as new faces are returning, and he was attacked from behind by Karrion Kross last week. Drew goes on about how Kross has been waiting for an opportunity, and what better opportunity than attacking the #1 contender last week while he faced off with Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. He says the one problem is the man Kross attacked and left laying like a piece of garbage was Drew McIntyre. 
Drew says he was going to get up and say this message to Kross last week – Drew has his hands a little full right now, buddy, but when the time is right, we will play a little game. Drew says it will be multiple choice and Kross has three options – knockout, the hospital, or the graveyard. Drew says he will send Kross back to the dungeon he crawled out of.
Drew also tells Kross to check out his match with Reigns at Clash at The Castle. Drew has some bad news – Reigns is not here tonight, Reigns is not at work. Drew says he will be honest with Reigns, since he surrounds himself with Yes-Men and believes his own hype… Drew says Reigns’ last two matches with Brock Lesnar, it took weapons, his family, and more to get the job done, but Drew walked into a WrestleMania main event and beat Brock with his bare hands. 
Drew says Reigns is delusional, The Island of Relevancy is not a real place. The music interrupts and here comes Scarlett to the stage. Scarlett marches to the ring as the screen goes grayscale. Drew looks at her, but Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos suddenly attack Drew from behind. They beat him down as color returns to the screen. Scarlett watches from the apron as Drew fights The Usos off. However, they get the upperhand and superkick Drew, then lay him out with the 1D. 
The Usos taunt Scarlett now, telling her to tell her man to step up to the plate now but if he does, they will take him down, and that this is The Bloodline’s territory. Scarlett smiles at The Usos and says that’s funny, and she goes on talking some trash, which is hard to make out. The Usos’ music starts up as Scarlett exits the ring, stopping at ringside to look back at The Usos in the ring. Drew slowly recovers as The Usos exit the ring and Scarlett stares them down from the stage.
– Megan Morant at backstage with #1 contender Shinsuke Nakamura now. She brings up champion Gunther but Nakamura interrupts and tells Gunther to come on.
– The Viking Raiders – Ivar with Erik makes their way to the ring but suddenly Kofi Kingston suddenly attacks from behind on the stage with a kendo stick. Kofi unloads on Erik and Ivar, then raises the kendo stick in the air. The Vikings then block kendo stick shots with a shield, and level Kingston with a sword shot. Erik and Ivar destroy Kingston on the stage now. 
Fans try to rally for Kingston but Erik launches him through the air, into Ivar’s shield, face-first. Ivar then stands on top of the barrier and delivers a big flying splash onto the stage. A referee checks on Kofi and The Vikings stare down at the fallen member of The New Day and head to the back. A medic and a referee tend to Kingston. 
– Sami Zayn is hesitating outside of The Bloodline’s locker room suite door. The Usos come out and Sami says he’s been doing a lot of thinking – The Usos were right in everything they said last week. Drew McIntyre suddenly rushes over and attacks. Drew destroys The Usos and lays them out. Drew kneels down and says every chance he gets, he’s beating The Usos’ asses. We see Zayn running away in the background.
– Hit Row defeated Brandon Scott and Trevor Irvin via pinfall. After the match, Hit Row stood tall and B-Fab takes the mic and asks if the fans missed them. She re-introduces herself, she’s B-Fab because she “be fab.” Dolla re-introduces himself and raps a bit, and Adonis also re-introduces himself. B-Fab says they are the OG-3 and if you didn’t know, now you know. Hit Row continues dancing around the ring to end the segment.
– Ludwig Kaiser is with WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther at backstage. They’re speaking in German. Kayla Braxton approaches for comments but Gunther interrupts and says tonight Shinsuke Nakamura will suffer at the hands of The Ring General.
– The ring is set up for a contract signing to make Shayna Baszler vs. SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan official for WWE Clash at The Castle. Ronda Rousey suddenly comes through the crowd and hops over the barrier. Rousey is carrying a duffel bag full of money. Rousey says she knows she’s not supposed to be here because she was suspended for her actions at SummerSlam. A loud “Ronda!” chant starts up. Rousey says she was also fined a lot of money, so she doubled it – she dumps out a bunch of money on the table. 
Rousey says it won’t be the last time, and being The Baddest gets expensive, but she can afford it. Security comes down and Rousey says she was just about to leave, but they’re sending security out after her. Rousey taunts security and exits the ring. She approaches security and a female guard grabs her by the arm. Rousey tosses her with a judo throw at ringside. A male guard pleads with Rousey as she teases snapping the arm of the female guard. Rousey steps away as referees try to get her to leave. The male guard escorts Rousey to the back. 
Baszler comes out and tells Rousey she can’t do that, she has to play by the rules if she wants to get what she wants. Rousey tells her former best friend she used to be a killer. Baszler watches as Rousey storms off to the back. Baszler enters the ring and flips through some of Rousey’s money on the table. Baszler recalls how she won a Gauntlet to become the #1 contender last week. She says Morgan just happens to be the next one on the list, and she will be the next one to fall. 
Baszler signs the contract for Clash at The Castle. She brings up Morgan’s injured arm and the target on her, and calls her out to make the title match official. Baszler can’t wait for Cardiff so she can rip Morgan limb by limb, or maybe put her to sleep. Baszler goes on with the trash talking about how she will win the title at Clash at The Castle. The music interrupts and here comes the SmackDown Women’s Champion with the brace on her arm.
Morgan hits the ring and declares that Baszler will not beat her, calling her kind of like a bootleg Ronda Rousey. Liv knows that because she beat the real deal twice, and in Cardiff, she’s going to beat Baszler also. Liv tosses the mic and signs the contract. Liv then raises the title in Baszler’s face, and kisses it. A “you tapped out!” chant starts up. Baszler grabs Liv’s arm and smashes it into the table. 
Baszler then bends Liv’s injured arm back and puts a foot down on her face as Liv screams out in pain. Baszler twists the arm again and stomps down on it. Baszler grabs Liv from the corner and continues working on the injured arm as some fans boo. Baszler goes for Liv again but Liv counters and puts Baszler through the table with a big Bulldog. Liv grabs the title and stands tall. Baszler is laid out in the table debris while Liv raises the title in the air.
– Sami Zayn at backstage looking worried. The Usos walk up and taunt Sami for walking away from Drew McIntyre’s attack earlier. Sami makes excuses but The Usos don’t want to hear it. They remind him what was said last week – if Sami doesn’t step up, he will get left behind. The Usos walk off and say they’re going to the ring to call out McIntyre. Sami is left speechless and looking concerned.
– The Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos – Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso makes their way to the ring. They take the mic and challenge Drew McIntyre to bring any tag team partner he wants for this non-title match. The music hits and here comes McIntyre by himself. The Usos got upper hand but suddenly music hits, here comes Madcap Moss to save McIntyre.
– Drew McIntyre and Madcap Moss defeated The Usos via pinfall in non-title tag team match. After the match, Moss and McIntyre stood tall and Jey tries to sneak attack but Drew counters and drops him with a Future Shock DDT. Drew then kips-up for another big pop. McIntyre prepares for a Claymore as fans count along with him. 
Suddenly, Sami Zayn rushes in and pushes Jey out of the way, sacrificing himself and taking the Claymore. Drew kneels down and shrugs his shoulders over the fallen Zayn. The Usos retreat with their titles as Drew points at them from the ring, saying he just sent a message to The Bloodline. Moss stands with Drew and continue their celebrations. 
– We get a graphic in memory of the legendary “Judo” Gene LeBell, who passed away at the age of 89 on Tuesday. The announcers lead us to a video package on LeBell.
– We go backstage to a Maximum Male Models photo shoot. Max Dupri and Maxxine Dupri are yelling at the photographer while ma.çé and mån.sôör pose for photos. Los Lotharios interrupt and have some words with Max. Angel and Humberto say they should be signed to the group if they want Maximum Male Models to take off, because they are the most handsome tag team. 
Max gets in their faces and says he’s sorry but they’re just not Maximum Male Models material. They step around Max and say they weren’t talking to him, they were talking to Maxxine. They tell her to give them a call. Max isn’t happy but Maxxine seems flattered. Max orders the photo shoot to continue because they’re wasting time and money.
– Kayla Braxton at backstage with Ricochet. They talk about his low blow to Happy Baron Corbin. Kayla says that led to this… we see a replay of how Pat McAfee was involved in Ricochet’s win over Corbin last week. Ricochet agrees that he was in the zone and says he’s now more locked in than he’s been in a long time, and it feels like he’s been shot out of a cannon, which feels so good. 
Ricochet is ready to go full speed for whatever lays ahead. He goes on and says it doesn’t matter who wins tonight, Shinsuke Nakamura or Gunther, because they both need to know he’s coming for the WWE Intercontinental Title and he will be waiting in line. Happy Baron Corbin suddenly attacks and drops Ricochet. Corbin taunts Ricochet and says they’re just getting started. Corbin laughs and walks away as officials tend to Ricochet, who is furious. McAfee knocks “Bum Ass Corbin” on commentary.
– Gunther defeated Shinsuke Nakamura via pinfall and successfully retained his Intercontinental Championship. After the match, Gunther stood tall in the middle of the ring and Kaiser brings the WWE Intercontinental Title belt into the ring and hands it to The Ring General. Nakamura looks on from the ramp as Kaiser helps put the title around Gunther’s waist. Gunther embraces Kaiser and then they pose together in the middle of the ring. The Friday Night SmackDown goes off the air with Gunther and Kaiser standing tall.

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