Since Triple H assigned with role of Head of Creative in WWE, he has been bringing back former main roster/NXT talent and we going to see two more superstars return to WWE during this week’s Friday Night Smackdown.

According to the PWInsider reports, there is a lot of talk in the last 24 hours about Top Dolla (AJ Francis) making his return to WWE. This report also stated that the former Hit Row member is expected to be at SmackDown but remains to be seen if he actually appears on the show or if there are other plans for him.
Later, PWInsider also reported that Ashante The Adonis is also scheduled to be at Friday Night  SmackDown, which could mean that Hit Row is getting back together. Swerve Stickland is signed with AEW so he would obviously not be part of the group. 
The other member of the group, B-Fab, is still a free agent and there’s no word yet on if there are plans for her to return.

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