Rob Van Dam recently had an interview with Steve Fall of NBC Sports and discussed about several topics. While speaking, RVD expressed that he’d love to work with WWE again if they wanted him there. He also explained that he doesn’t quite know all the plans they have for the talent under their banner, but he’s all game for a return.
“That would be awesome, yeah. You know what, I kinda feel like if they wanted me there, then I would be there. They would make it so that I would want to be there. Without having any, just being on the fence and not feeling hungry or either way, just whatever happens happens, like RVD is, I kinda feel like that. I don’t know what they wanna do, what their plan is, what their agenda is for all their talent now. Seems like they want more normal-looking people that normal-looking people can relate to, maybe, but I really don’t even know. It’s whatever, but I’m around,” said Van Dam. [H/T: WrestleZone] [form 17:00-17:53]

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