Previously, it was reported that the WWE was planning to hold their next draft shortly after Clash at the Castle premium live event in Cardiff, Wales and also noted that several Raw and SmackDown Superstars reportedly scheduled to appear on the opposite brand following the show. Now, we got update about it.

According to the latest Fightful Select reports, the potential for an impending draft has moved from a “slam dunk” to a “half-court shot with your eyes closed”. Sources told them that the Raw talent, who were previously booked for the SmackDown episode following Clash at the Castle, were “unbooked” for the show. More so, if there was to be a draft, a number of “Crossover talent” would not participate.

Fightful Select has been told that plans for the WWE Draft have changed internally.

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— Fightful Select! Exclusive Pro Wrestling News (@FightfulSelect) August 23, 2022

This report further noted that representatives from USA Network have told Superstars that a draft is more likely to take place following next year’s WrestleMania event in Hollywood, California. The report concluded by noting that no talent has been made aware of a draft taking place in the coming weeks.

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