Vince McMahon officially retired from all of his duties in WWE last month. While Triple H has taken over the role of ‘Head of Creative’ but there are rumors and conspiracy theories about the former CEO still being a big part of the company’s backstage have been ongoing.

According to the Fightful Select reports, that not only are the rumors about Vince pulling the strings not true, but the 77-year old might have limited access to WWE facilities at this point. It’s also further noted that several sources in the promotion claimed that Summer Slam was a “statement show” and a hint towards how the television shows will run from now onwards.
“If Vince McMahon was still involved to any degree, neither Summerslam or WWE Raw would have resembled what they looked like. Dakota would not have been brought back, Raw would have been several Summerslam rematches.” a WWE higher up said, according to Fightful Select
In the same report, it was also stated that the 14-time World Champion Triple H is actively working on making the backstage environment better.
On the recent episodes of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown, along with the Summer Slam premium live event on July 31 have been well received by fans. The shows have had fingerprints of Triple H all over, from the returns of previously released stars like Karrion Cross and Dakota Kai, to perceived pushes to stars like Ciampa.

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