This week’s WWE Monday Night Raw felt like a big shift in the company’s mindset. The logic behind storylines, matches with stakes, and placing importance on the championships all had a significant change in approach.

According to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select, WWE talent is noticing a “stark contrast” from how things were run just weeks prior, creating a lot of happy talent in the locker room in the process.

I have an article coming to on the optimism surrounding WWE Raw last night!

— Sean Ross Sapp of (@SeanRossSapp) August 2, 2022

Since last episode of Monday Night Raw, Sapp has spoken to over two dozen talent, and not one of them has had any concerns about Vince McMahon no longer being in charge of creative.
The talents that Sapp heard from following latest Monday Night Raw were excited about the direction the company is going in. With some describing it to Sapp as “renewed optimism” with Triple H taking over the creative side of WWE.A lot of talent also took notice of how Ciampa and Mustafa Ali were used last night. Noting how they were “put in good spots where they could shine on the show.”
Two top WWE talents told Sapp that they were excited not to have to face the same opponent every week and hoped that was one of Triple H’s key strategies going forward for both Raw and SmackDown. Recent edition of Monday Night Raw seen its highest viewership since March of 2020. If that’s any indication, the roster aren’t the only ones happy about the changes to last night’s show.

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