The Beast Brock Lesnar challenged the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship in the main event of WWE Summer Slam 2022. Although Reigns retained his championship, Lesnar delivered a memorable performance, including destroying the ring with a tractor.

After the Summer Slam, Brock Lesnar was advertised in the WWE Day 1 premium live event. As per reports from Fightful, the venue for the show has listed the tickets for the event as “on-sale soon”.

Although many thought it could be Lesnar's last WWE match at SummerSlam, turns out it might not be the case.

The Beast is advertised for Day 1, 2023.

— Anirban Banerjee (@pwanirban) August 1, 2022

Atlanta’s State Farm Arena will host the WWE’s first premium live event in 2023. This will be the second edition of Day 1. As of this writing, the advertisement doesn’t feature any other superstar.

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