WWE Money In The Bank 2022 scheduled to take at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in the Las Vegas suburb of Paradise, Nevada place on Saturday, July 2, 2022. WWE announced total six matches for this premium live event.

The annual Men’s and Women’s Money In The Bank ladder matches and winner of this matches will get the guaranteed title shot against the champion of their chosen. WWE also announced that Austin Theory will defend his US Title against Bobby Lashley, Bianca Belair will defend her Raw Women’s Championship against Carmella, Ronda Rousey will defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Natalya and The Usos will defend their Undisputed WWE Tag Team titles against The Street Profits.

Here The WWE Money In The Bank 2022 Full Results:

– Liv Morgan defeated Raquel Rodriguez, Lacey Evans,  Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Shotzi and Becky Lynch to win the Women’s Money In The Bank ladder match and earned the opportunity to challenge the champion of her chosen at any time.
After the match, Liv immediately begins crying as she clutches the briefcase while on top of the ladder. Liv runs around the ring with the briefcase while the other competitors recover. Lynch is snapping at ringside, throwing a tantrum and screaming about how this was her match. Liv raises the briefcase in the air.
– Bobby Lashley defeated Austin Theory vis submission and became the new United States Champion. After the match, Lashley celebrates and takes the United States Title and raises it in the air. Lashley drops to the mat on his knees and places the title in front of him.
– Sarah Schreiber at backstage with Liv Morgan, who is still clutching her briefcase. She immediately gets emotional again and talks about how she doesn’t want to mess this cash-in up. She says WrestleMania is sounding nice but for now she just wants to celebrate.
– Bianca Belair defeated Carmella via pinfall and successfully retained her Raw Women’s Championship. After the match, Belair takes the title and celebrates. Belair poses in the corner with the title now but Carmella suddenly comes from behind and slams Belair to the mat. Carmella then unloads on Belair while she’s down. Carmella beats Belair up and then leaves. Carmella yells back at the ring while Belair slowly recovers.
– We see video package of how Logan Paul signed with WWE earlier this week. Paul sent a warning that he is coming for The Miz. Miz will respond to Logan Paul on Monday Night Raw.
– We see footage recorded earlier today of Alexa Bliss walking at backstage. She entered the locker room and Lilly has a bunch of her clothes and accessories set up. Bliss asks her how she paid for it, and she used her WWE Credit One Bank Visa card. Bliss asks what Lilly bought for her. She opens a box and there’s a very small pair of roller skates. Bliss says thank you but advises Lilly to ask for her size next time.
– The Usos defeated The Street Profits via pinfall and successfully retained their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles. After the match, The Usos begin celebrating. The announcers say Ford’s shoulder was up for the pin. The Usos head to the back with their titles while The Profits start motioning to their shoulder. We get replay of the pin and it shows that Ford’s shoulder was up for the pin. The Street Profits are not happy.
– We get a dark teaser for what looks to be a new character debuting soon. There was no “coming soon” or anything and the announcers didn’t know what it was for.
– Ronda Rousey defeated Natalya via submission and successfully defended her SmackDown Women’s Championship. After the match, Rousey limps to her feet but stood tall with the title in the air. But music hits and here comes Liv Morgan with her Money In the Bank briefcase. Liv hands her briefcase to the referee and she is cashing in.
– Liv Morgan defeated Ronda Rousey via pinfall and became the new SmackDown Women’s Champion. After the match, Liv gets emotional as fans go wild and her music hits. Rousey looks disappointed but handed title to Morgan and hugs & raises her arm in the air. Cole says Liv’s sister is sitting behind them in the crowd. Liv continues her celebration with the title in the air, posing in the corner as a loud “you deserve it!” chant breaks out.
– We are ready for the main event. Riddle, Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, Madcap Moss, Omos and Sheamus are in the ring. But Adam Pearce comes out to the stage and comments on how great this night has been. He says what would make the night better than to add to it. Pearce then introduces the 8th MITB Ladder Match competitor and here comes Theory. Fans boo as Theory comes out, shakes Pearce’s hand, then heads to the ring. Cole believes Vince McMahon is behind this move.
– Austin Theory defeated Riddle, Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, Omos, Sheamus and Madcap Moss in Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder match and earned the opportunity to challenge the champion of his chosen at anytime.
After the match, Theory comes down from the ladder with the MITB briefcase. Theory grabs his phone and returns to the ladder to snap a briefcase selfie. The other Superstars are down and trying to recover as Theory continues his celebration. Money In the Bank goes off the air with Theory taking selfies on the ladder with his MITB briefcase.

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