The Rock recently had an interview with Entertainment Tonight and discussed about several topics. During the interview, The Rock was asked about his interaction with Montez Ford. Then, he heaped praise on the former Raw Tag Team Champion and said he love his energy and work ethic. He also referred Montez Ford as “whole package”.

“I love that guy. I love his energy, I love his charisma, I love his work ethic, and you know, in the world of pro wrestling, there’s nothing like the world of pro wrestling. It’s very unique, and it’s also a business. Professional wrestling, WWE, it’s in my blood, it’s my passion, I love it. So for a guy like him, he’s worked his butt off. And by the way, they all do” said the Rock.
“Everybody in that locker room, the men, the women, but him in particular, he’s got great athleticism, he’s got the whole package. He’s cool, he’s very cool.” (1:28-2:05) (H/T: Sportskeeda Wrestling)

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