The former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Naomi made headlines when it was announced that they had walked out of the company. This was later confirmed on Monday Night Raw where it was even suggested their actions were “unprofessional.” Since then, both wasn’t seen on WWE television.

Now, we got the potential update regarding their WWE future. According to the Fightful Select reports, Banks and Naomi have disappeared from their internal roster for weeks now. Despite this, nobody from their sources in the company was instructed to remove them from their website’s roster. However, it should be noted how a Sasha sign was edited out during an episode of SmackDown.

WWE really photoshopped this sign. It said “Sasha Krew 4 Life”

— Fightful Wrestling (@Fightful) June 18, 2022

This report also mentioned about the initial report from Wrestling Inc’s Raj Giri that stated Banks’ release. Fightful noted that they “can confirm” the duo’s departure since it was supported by several high-level talents. However, Talent Relations has not sent out an email to their roster notifying them of the release. When they asked a WWE response on Thursday, they were told it was “pretty quiet.”
However, The Boss and Glow duo have seemingly seemingly hinted at their WWE exit after a recent change in their social media handles. On their Instagram accounts, both superstars have changed their bio from “WWE Superstar” to “Professional Wrestler.”

— The Brass Ring (@TheBrassRing1) July 7, 2022

The Additional reports from Fightful Select states that how the creative team of the brand is operating with the assumption that the duo has already left. It’s even noted how the team did not have any contingency plans or anything prepared if the Banks and Naomi does decide to return.

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