Goldberg’s last WWE appearance came at Elimination Chamber, in which he faced The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns. It is being speculated that he will return to WWE for at least one more match, and that match could reportedly be against top WWE superstar.

Riddle is known to be a controversial creator and stirred up trouble for himself when he kept taking shots at the legendary star Goldberg on social media. Goldberg did not like Riddle’s attitude. During a backstage meeting at Summer Slam 2019, Goldberg told to Riddle not to call him bro.
WWE recently uploaded that backstage confrontation between the Goldberg and Riddle to their YouTube channel. This has given rise to speculation that the WWE could be planning a match between Riddle and the former Universal Champion Goldberg when he returns, according to the Cageside seats.
”Speculation about WWE booking Goldberg vs. Riddle intensified after a video of their awkward backstage confrontation from SummerSlam 2019 was posted on WWE’s YouTube channel yesterday.”

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