Earlier this month, Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc. reported that the former Women’s Tag Team Champion Sasha Banks had been released from her WWE contract. Few days later, this report was then backed up by WrestleVotes.

However, Mike Johnson of PWInsider reported that both Sasha Banks and Naomi are still on the active roster internally, and neither superstar has officially been released from the company.
Now, Raj Giri has provided an another update on his initial report. He claims that The Legit Boss Sasha Banks was released by Erika Schreiber, VP of Business and Legal Affairs for Talent Relations in WWE, on June 10th. 
However, leadership is currently trying to smooth things over, so the release hasn’t been announced yet.
“Here’s what I know about Sasha Banks. She was released on June 10th and it came from Erika Schreiber, VP of Business and Legal Affairs for Talent Relations. As for why WWE has not said anything or removed her, the rumor is that leadership is trying to smooth things over,” Giri wrote on Twitter.
In another tweet, Raj Giri also added that when he mentioned Erika Schreiber had done the release but news didn’t came from her, and he was not revealing the source of the news itself.
In a another tweet, Raj Giri shared his belief that the recent bad optics for WWE regarding Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis is the main reason why the promotion is reportedly trying to bring the former champion Banks back.
“With everything going on with Vince, they do not need more bad PR, especially with a popular top star. It makes sense that they want to get her back”.

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