The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes made a stunning return to WWE at WrestleMania revealing as Seth Rollins mystery opponent which was picked by Vince McMahon. Rhodes went on to win his trilogy of matches against Rollins. However, before their last match, Rhodes tore his pectoral muscle while training for his match. Still, Cody Rhodes pulled through and won the match but he will be out of action for almost a year due to that injury.

The former Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes appeared on Busted Open Radio and discussed about the several topics. While speaking, Cody provided an update on his injury.

“I was told the last time I was there for my check up, after PT [physical therapy], they are not going to give me a timeline just yet for when I’m going to be back because they are afraid that if they give me that timeline, I’m going to try and jump it by a month or two. The surgery was really…I almost hemorrhaged in the surgery because there was so much blood. People have seen the picture of it in the match. It was pretty gnarly.” [H/T: Fightful]

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— SiriusXM Busted Open (@BustedOpenRadio) July 15, 2022

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