The former head of NXT Triple H had to take a break last year to treat his heart condition. While he was away, NXT was completely revamped and NXT 2.0 came into being. He returned to work long back but recently said ‘I’m Back’ during a meeting with talent and officials in Orlando, Florida. This led to speculation that he may be starting a new role in WWE.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter stated that it isn’t clear if Triple H is back as the in-charge of NXT 2.0 or not but there was talk of him getting a bigger new role in the company even before Vince McMahon stepped back and was replaced by Stephanie McMahon as the CEO.
”There had been talk before any of this went down with Vince McMahon that Levesque was going to back in a bigger role shortly so this is likely not related to the investigation, although the timing would indicate the time of this move could be related in some form. He did indicate that there would be things changing but could not go into detail on them just yet,” noted Meltzer.

Wade Keller of PWTorch had reported that with Stephanie McMahon as the CEO, there are talks of Paul Heyman and Triple H getting bigger roles in creative.
“I could totally see this happening, Paul Heyman taking on a bigger role in creative,” added the PWTorch journalist. “Paul Heyman gets along really well with Hunter and Stephanie. And so I wouldn’t rule that possibility out either.”

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