Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select reported that that Bruce Prichard will be serving as the interim Head of Talent Relations and John Lauranitis was placed on administrative leave. Now, we got some details about backstage reaction for replacing Laurinaitis.
Following news of John Laurinaitis being placed on administrative leave, Fightful Select has also reported the reactions backstage. This report states that the WWE roster was notified of the changes, with the belief that Laurinaitis was “as good as gone” and that his impending departure was met with a celebration.
The talent reportedly commented on the situation as well. Some are worried about how the head of creative is now also charged with talent relations. Some even joked about how Vince McMahon only knew three people following the replacement.
It was rumored that multiple texts from talent stated that there is a concern with Prichard handling talent and creative. Concerns note how if someone wants time off, they have to ask the person who effectively is the filter between the creative and Vince McMahon.
It was also reported that John Laurinaitis not present at WWE Monday Night Raw tapings, unlike Vince McMahon. Meanwhile, much like last week during SmackDown, it was reported that the former Chairman was in a good mood.
Later, PWInsider also gave an additional reports that sources shared that the company issued a memo informing talent that Johnny Ace, who has not been on the road since the investigation was made public, has been placed on administrative leave.
The memo also mentioned how going forward, Prichard would provide a “seamless transition.” It was also noted how the Head of Creative has now gathered more power and responsibility.

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