Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc. was the first reported that the six-time women’s champion Sasha Banks had been released, and several sources confirmed it. WrestleVotes stated that the word backstage from last week’s SmackDown was that she and WWE had parted ways.
According to Fightful Select reports, some WWE talent were vocal backstage about believing The Boss Sasha Banks was no longer a part of the company. However, WWE hasn’t informed the roster about the situation officially. Fightful also noted that the stars who would be in a position to know felt she had indeed been released.

TONS of backstage news from Raw & Smackdown on https://t.co/jy8u4a7WDa

– Talent discussing Sasha Banks
– Vince McMahon
– Changed main event segment plans
– World Title
– Producers for both shows
– Dark matches
– More! pic.twitter.com/rgPsuoqDAi

— Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.com (@SeanRossSapp) June 19, 2022

Neither Sasha Banks nor WWE has commented on the release rumors, but she’s still listed on the active roster page on WWE.com. Mike Johnson of PWInsider also reported that she was still listed on WWE’s roster internally as of last Friday.

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