Tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw, The Man Becky Lynch made her first appearance after losing her Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 38. She said that it’s been 3 years since she walked out on WWE Raw without her title, 3 years since anyone could beat her for it. 

She further stated that she didn’t want to show her face without the title because she doesn’t know who Becky Lynch is without it. She didn’t recognise herself any longer after WrestleMania 38 and continues that she’s hit rock bottom, that’s all she has to say.
Becky Lynch futher talks about how she will comeback after that lose at WrestleMania. She says that the fans get to witness her rise back to her title, when she overcomes the hometown star Bianca Belair, and then no one will be able to stop her once she gets the Raw Women’s Title back.
But music interrupts and here comes Asuka for a big return pop. This is her first appearance since July 2021. Asuka says she will stop Becky… because no one is ready for Asuka! She dances around some more as Lynch nods. 
Asuka flicks Becky’s nose in a show of disrespect. Becky seethes, swings and misses. Asuka also tries to attack back but Lynch retreats to the floor, shocked and frustrated at what just happened. Lynch looks on from the ramp as Asuka celebrates in the ring.

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