Tonight’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown is live from the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It’s SmackDown after WrestleMania and WWE announced only one segment that Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns will reveal his next step tonight.

Here The WWE Friday Night SmackDown Full Results:

– Tonight’s WWE SmackDown opens with Kayla Braxton in the ring and introduces Ronda Rousey. Kayla says everyone can agree Rousey was in a very physical match on WrestleMania Saturday, and she kept her word when she said she’d make SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair tap out. Kayla says Flair definitely felt the pressure. Rousey says she did make Flair tap, and she will again. 
But what matters is she lost and she didn’t come here to make excuses. Rousey further says how the best needs to beat the one on top twice, and she beat Flair once not twice, making her tap not when it counted, and that’s on her. Braxton asks what’s next. 
Then, Rousey says she wants a rematch but not a regular match, she doesn’t want Flair to be able to get herself disqualified or counted out. She challenges Flair to an I Quit Match at WrestleMania Backlash. Suddenly, Flair appears on the big screen, laughing and says Rousey couldn’t beat her at checkers, let alone an I Quit Match. Flair says quitting isn’t in her DNA, but winning it.
Charlotte Flair goes on and says she’s starting to think “The Baddest Woman on The Planet” is a myth because Rousey can’t win. Flair says no to the challenge, and tells Rousey to get to the back of the line, b***h and laughs. Rousey has some news for Flair – the match will happen and Flair won’t say she quits, she’ll scream it when Rousey snaps her arm backwards.
– Xavier Woods defeated Butch via pinfall. After the match, Woods quickly retreats to celebrate with Kofi at ringside as Butch seethes. Sheamus and Holland try to hold Butch back as he snaps, slapping them both and then punching Holland. Sheamus and Holland yell at Butch and back him into the corner, finally calming him down.
– Sami Zayn is backstage ranting to Adam Pearce and asking how he let that happen to him at WrestleMania. Zayn was supposed to get his revenge on Knoxville but instead had to deal with Party Boy and Wee-Man, and a giant hand. Zayn goes on and says he’s been reduced to a laughing stock now. Zayn wants his respect back.
Sami says the next person who walks through the door, he wants them in the ring and Pearce agrees. The door opens and it’s Drew McIntyre. He stops and acknowledges them, then walks off. Zayn tells Pearce he wants the next person but Pearce says no, the match with McIntyre is official for tonight. Zayn says that’s perfect because Drew is one of the toughest on the roster and when he beats Drew, he will get his respect back.
– A WWE crew member bring a letter to Pearce and he reads it. It seems that Ronda Rousey wants to meet with Pearce, but Pearce tells the crew member to tell Rousey he’s unable to see her right now.
– Gunther defeated Joe Alonzo via pinfall.
– Kayla Braxton at backstage with Raquel Rodriguez, the former Raquel Gonzalez of NXT. Gonzalez says SmackDown has one of the most impressive female locker rooms in all of WWE, but she guarantees they’ve never seen anything like her. Los Lotharios interrupt and introduce themselves, Angel and Humberto. 
They welcome her to SmackDown and she thanks them. They want to give her the double kiss on each cheek but she tells them not a chance. They say it’s her loss, then they walk off. Rodriguez asks Kayla if Los Lotharios are always this annoying.
– Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss make their way to the ring to host Happy Talk Show. Corbin says this was supposed to be the happiest Happy Talk with a celebration for his win over Drew McIntyre, but that didn’t happen. He’s done a lot of self-reflecting on his yacht this week, thinking about what kind of man he is and has become. Corbin goes on and says there’s only one man to blame for the loss and it’s Madcap Moss.
Corbin says never in a million years would he have lost to Drew if it weren’t for Moss getting on the apron. Moss says he’s sorry, he just felt so excited for Corbin. Corbin says it wasn’t about Moss’ feelings, but somehow he managed to take WrestleMania Weekend and make it about himself, about him winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. 
Corbin mocks Moss and says Moss is getting too big for his suspenders, and he thinks Moss has forgotten that his place is to tell Corbin jokes and tells him to tell jokes. Then, Moss tells two but Corbin says they suck. Corbin says he brought Moss to SmackDown to tell jokes but lately they have not been good. 
Corbin gives Moss one more chance and tells him to tell a good joke like his job depends on it, because it does. This time Moss starts taking shots at Corbin with the joke and laughs. Corbin isn’t laughing, and he asks the crowd why they think it’s funny. Corbin drops Moss from behind and stomps away. Moss fights back.. Corbin gets tossed around, stumbling over the Happy Talk set. Moss unloads and sends Corbin to the floor.
Moss follows but Corbin knees him, then launches him into the barrier. Corbin taunts Moss with the Andre Battle Royal statue and goes to slam him face-first into the announce table but Moss counters and slams Corbin’s face over and over into the table. Moss brings him back to the ring for more punches, then a clothesline to the floor. Moss tosses some of the set out, and stomps on Corbin’s hat. Corbin seethes on the ramp.
– Jinder Mahal at backstage with Shanky, and he’s yelling at Adam Pearce about not getting a WWE Intercontinental Title shot. Pearce says it’s nothing personal. Jinder tells Pearce to bring Ricochet out of Witness Protection, and get him in the ring. Pearce is explaining himself when Ronda Rousey walks in and Jinder leaves. Rousey asks Pearce if she has her I Quit Match at WrestleMania Backlash. Pearce says it’s not official yet but it should be tomorrow. Rousey doesn’t like that answer but she’ll take it, for now.
– Drew McIntyre defeated Sami Zayn via count out.
– Cole sends us to a new vignette, what he calls the first chapter in the story of Lacey Evans. We go to a pre-recorded promo from Evans, who has been away since announcing her second pregnancy in February of last year. Evans talks about coming from a small town in Georgia. Her father worked construction, her mom was a young mother of five kids. Her life beginning was rough because her father had mental health issues and addiction issues with drugs and alcohol. 
Her mom was caught in the middle of it trying to be the best mom she could be, then the physical, emotional and mental abuse got to be too much, and before she could start elementary school, Evans was taken away from everything she knew. She says her mother loaded their belongings up in black trash bags, threw them in a car, and picked the kids all up from school, then left without their dad knowing.
Evans goes on and says they drove from state to state, staying in women’s shelters and at campgrounds for the rest of her life. She says moving around as much as she had to do made her learn that she could either adapt and overcome, accept the way things were and learn to roll with it, or completely give up. And she refuses to give up. 
Evans says she may not have the same straight shot to stardom that others in WWE have been blessed with, but that’s OK because it makes her different than all the rest. She says what she’s had to go through has made her into the woman she is today – motivated, ready for anything, confident, mother, wife, sister, daughter, U.S. Marine, and a WWE Superstar. Evans says this doesn’t make her better than any other WWE Superstar, but they damn sure ain’t better than her.
– Liv Morgan defeated Sasha Banks via pinfall.
– The Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos, and Paul Heyman makes their way to the ring. Reigns calls on Milwaukee to acknowledge him. Reigns wants to let everyone in on something private, something he and his Wise-man discuss rather frequently. Reigns says it pains him to say that SmackDown and the WWE Universal Title wasn’t enough, so he went to WrestleMania, smashed Cowboy Brock, took Monday Night Raw, and took the WWE Title.
Reigns brings up the next step for The Tribal Chief. He doesn’t think he can really do much more, he’s done did it all, you know? But there’s plenty left for The Bloodline to achieve. Reigns says there was so many historical pictures and videos taken of them this week, and he couldn’t but think that he saw his two titles, but he only saw his cousins with their one title each. 
Reigns says that’s not enough. He recalls how he told Jey Uso a while ago that they’d elevate him to new levels of greatness, and there’s only one way to do that. Reigns says it’s time to unify the Tag Team Titles. Reigns wants The Usos to go to Raw and bring him the Raw Tag Team Titles, get them for yourselves because when you do that, you do it for The Bloodline. 
Reigns asks if that’s a deal and The Usos are fired up. Reigns says there you have it, The Bloodline will have all the gold soon. But music interrupts and here comes Shinsuke Nakamura. Reigns and The Usos look annoyed.
Roman Reigns says Nakamura doesn’t have to say anything, Reigns understands how he feels because he lost his partner. You know the guy, Rick… BOOGS!, says the crowd. Reigns says they lost Jimmy Uso to an injury for a year, so they know how Nakamura feels. Reigns is a compassionate Tribal Chief and now that they have all the gold, The Island of Relevancy is full of love. 
Reigns wants to help Nakamura. He hugs Nakamura in the middle of the ring, and whispers something in his ear but we can’t hear it. Whatever Reigns said, it confuses Nakamura. Reigns then steps away and The Usos immediately hits Nakamura with a double superkick.
The Usos stand over Nakamura and talk some trash, then turn to Reigns and tell him they have his back. The Usos go on about how they’re now headed to Detroit, the site of Monday’s Raw. The Bloodline stood tall with the gold in the air and the SmackDown After WrestleMania goes off the air.

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