The Swiss Superman Cesaro reportedly parted his ways with the WWE and it’s a big shocking news in the wrestling community. He signed a one year contract extension last year and it’s officially came to an end and now, he’s a free agent.

The former tag team champion Cesaro is one of most talented star on the WWE roster and many believed that he might get some big push in the company but shockingly he left the WWE. Now, we got some details regarding Vince McMahon perception on Cesaro as top guy.

— Seth Rollins (@WWERollins) February 24, 2022

According to WrestlingNews reports, WWE Boss Vince McMahon never saw the Cesaro as a main eventer or top guy in WWE and he just considered him to be a “good hand.”
“Vince McMahon was never on board with pushing him as a top guy and the feeling was that he was just a “good hand” but not someone who could be seen as a main eventer,” reported WrestlingNews.

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