There were several reports came out that Former AEW Superstar Cody Rhodes is returning back to WWE after officially parting ways with All Elite Wrestling. But last week, it was reported that talks between Cody Rhodes and WWE had “fizzled out”. Then, several other reports states that Cody is internally listed in document to compete at WrestleMania 38.

Now, we got another update about the Cody Rhodes WWE return status. Dave Meltzer on the most recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, stated that Cody Rhodes status has changed. He further noted that Rhodes return is uncertain and not sure.
“His status has changed, in theory,” Dave Meltzer said. “He was on the books in WWE. They had creative laid out for him. They still thought on Friday that they had creative laid out for him. Now, it’s very uncertain. They don’t know what’s going on with Cody Rhodes. They’re not sure. They (WWE) thought they had him. It’s not like it’s dead, it’s not like they think they don’t have him, but they’re not sure.”

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