In WWE Women’s Royal Rumble match, The Boss Sasha Banks and WWE Legend Melina had the in-ring encounter that captured the attention of the WWE Universe. Several fans weren’t pleased with Melina’s quick elimination as they wanted to see more from her in the match.

Recently, Melina took the Instagram and clearly agreed with the fans and also revealed her desire of getting a singles match against the former SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks.
“Last year, @impactwrestling & @nwa gave me two great matches that I will always cherish. One with @deonnapurrazzo & the other with @kamillebrickhouse. Both gave me so much joy. It also proved I can still get in there with the best… SO, that night at the Royal Rumble, I was ready to GO! I wish that moment with Sasha was a singles match. To think if we were able to get a reaction like we did that night without wrestling…

“Can you imagine what we could do if we actually wrestled?!!! I can wish for a match with you with all my heart and it may never happen, but whether it was 5 seconds, 60 seconds or 20 minutes in the ring with you Sasha, I’m grateful for that magic moment at the Rumble no matter how short. I will forever keep that in my heart.”

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