Tonight’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown is live from the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. Here the announced matches and segments for the tonight’s show:
– Naomi vs. Charlotte Flair (c) for SmackDown Women’s Championship
– Goldberg returns
– Sami Zayn invites Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura for his InZayn Podcast

Here The WWE Friday Night SmackDown Full Results:

– Tonight’s WWE SmackDown opened with Sonya Deville making her way to the ring, she’s wearing an arm sling. She addresses the unprovoked attack by Ronda Rousey on last week’s SmackDown and says people like Rousey and Naomi have no respect for authority. She says she doesn’t care if you’re Rousey, Naomi or anyone else on the roster, there will be consequences for your actions. 
Sonya Deville further says she petitioned upper WWE management today to fine Ronda Rousey $100,000 and suspend her indefinitely, effective immediately. Now, Adam Pearce came out and says he knows Deville isn’t checking her e-mail while she’s in the ring, but WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon has responded to her petition.
Pearce says WWE Boss Vince McMahon ruled that Deville has been taking matters into her own hands and abusing her power, and he cannot stand an official that abuses their power, so the petition is declined. He also says Deville must face the consequences of her actions, and says she cannot lay her hands on Naomi. If Deville disobeys Vince, her job will be in serious jeopardy.
Now, Naomi comes out and taunts Deville for having “a new one ripped by her boss.” She also points out how Vince’s e-mail said nothing about Naomi being unable to put her hands on Deville. Naomi slaps Deville in the face. Sonya orders security to get Naomi out of the ring but Naomi taunts her.
– Kayla Braxton at backstage with Los Lotharios – Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo. They say they are WWE’s most sensual lovers ever, but they’re also fierce competitors. They almost beat Big E and Kofi last week but this week there will be no almost, because they are Lethal Lovers. They head to the ring and Irvin also announces them as “Lethal Lovers, Los Lotharios.” They stop and pose on the entrance-way, then Irvin announces that it’s time for the Los Lotharios Kiss Cam. They stop and find a woman sitting at ringside, and they both kiss her on her cheeks.
– Los Lotharios defeated New Day (Kofi Kingston and Big E) via pinfall.
– Megan Morant at backstage with The Viking Raiders. They starts talking about momentum going into WWE Elimination Chamber but suddenly SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos attack them from behind. Usos beat them down and walks off.
– Michael Cole at backstage with Paul Heyman and WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Cole talks about what WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg did in WCW. Reigns says if he were in WCW, everyone would be still winning because WCW would still be in business. Cole then asks about Goldberg being the champion twice before, including when he dominated Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series 2016. 
Roman Reigns laughs at Goldberg and Brock Lesnar, and says he’s tired of talking about Lesnar. Reigns says no one cares about Goldberg being a two-time Universal Champion because he’s here now and he’s the greatest Universal Champion of all-time, and if Goldberg came back here right now he’d get smacked in the face. 
Then, Michael Cole asks if there’s added pressure for the WWE Elimination Chamber match against Goldberg as it was cancelled from WrestleMania two years ago. Reigns says not at all, because all the pressure is on Goldberg. He says Goldberg may have had a chance two years ago but now everything is different, the world has changed, Reigns is untouchable. 
Roman Reigns says he’s going to smash Goldberg. He snaps his fingers and Heyman warns that what we’re about to hear is a spoiler, not a prediction. Reigns looks at the camera and says he’s going to “Goldberg,” Goldberg and it’s the end of the segment.
– Natalya defeated Aliyah via submission in Dungeon-Style match. After the match, Natalya continued attacking Aliyah but Xia Li came out to save Aliyah. Li took out Natalya and sent her to the floor.
– Sami Zayn makes his way to the ring for the InZayn podcast. Cole shows us how Jackass star Johnny Knoxville visited the new WWE Pop-Up Store in Los Angeles and tossed some of Sami’s merchandise into a wood chipper. Sami says he’s not even going to dignify that because Knoxville has spent too much time getting into his head, and he needs to focus on getting back his WWE Intercontinental Title back, and hosting his In-Zayn podcast. 
Sami welcomes everyone and tells them they’re messing up the audio. Sami previews his educational podcast but says he has dumbed it down for the locals. Now, music interrupts and here comes Rick Boogs with his guitar on the stage. Boogs gives his grand introduction to WWE Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. They both head to the ring together.
Sami Zayn is shocked for Nakamura showed up tonight as he’s been ducking him as the #1 contender for weeks, but next week they will face off for the title. Sami can’t wait to see the look on Nakamura’s face when he wins the title back. Sami accuses Nakamura of secretly working with Knoxville to distract him..but Nakamura hushes Sami. 
Nakamura asks if he saw the movie. Sami says he was thrown off the Jackass Forever red carpet, so no. Nakamura says no, the movie they are making next week called… Jackass Defeated. Boogs loves the joke but Sami not so much. Sami used to have so much respect for Nakamura, he had Sami in his corner, but now Nakamura has gone from Sami to this Boogs guy. Now, Sami taunts Boogs but Boogs yells at him to shut up.
Boogs grabs one of the mics but he falls out, electrocuted it appears. Sami acts like he’s concerned for Boogs. Nakamura is distracted by Boogs going down, allowing Sami to hit him with a Helluva Kick. Sami exits the ring and continues to act like he’s concerned for Boogs and Nakamura, calling for help to come out.
– Happy Corbin at backstage with Riddick Moss and says he’s ready for his match tonight with Cesaro. But Moss says he has to sit this one out so he can go get his eye checked out. He says maybe the doctor won’t medically clear him for the WWE Elimination Chamber match with McIntyre. Corbin walks off as Moss touches his eye.
– Happy Corbin defeated Cesaro via pinfall.
– Madcap Moss at backstage talking to a trainer about how bad his eyesight is. Moss suggests his match with Drew McIntyre be cancelled. The medic gives him an eye test but McIntyre interrupts and puts his sword in Moss’ face. Drew pressures Moss into telling the trainer his vision is just fine. Drew says he just talked to Adam Pearce and their match at Elimination Chamber will be a Falls Count Anywhere match. Drew threatens him with the sword again and walks out.
– Michael Cole at backstage with WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg to discuss the upcoming match against WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber. Goldberg tells Cole not to take this personally but he loves Cole like a brother. Cole says they’ve known each other for years, and there are whispers out there with a lot of people saying this may be one comeback too many.
Goldberg says that’s the problem. He’s listened to some of those people in recent years and it’s taken him out of his game, but he’s turned the page and no longer gives a damn what anyone thinks. He says this comeback will be ever-lasting and will call upon the old Goldberg we remember. Cole brings up how Reigns said things are now much different than two years ago.
Goldberg says nothing has changed, he’s still the same Goldberg and Reigns will get what he deserves, what he has coming. It’s finally going to happen. Cole brings up how Reigns says he will make Goldberg acknowledge him and “Goldberg” him. Goldberg says he acknowledged Reigns as his next victim last week. 
Goldberg says when he takes the Universal title from Roman Reigns, he will acknowledge him, and then he will enter WrestleMania 38 as the champion and Brock Lesnar will be next. As far as getting “Goldberg’d” he laughs and says there’s only one of him, it ain’t gonna happen. That’s the end the segment.
– Charlotte Flair defeated Naomi via pinfall and successfully retained her SmackDown Women’s Championship. After the match, Flair stood tall and takes her title and makes her exit. Now, Sonya Deville enters the ring, still with her arm in a sling, and kneels down, taunts Naomi in her face.
Now, Naomi slowly gets back on her feet and starts unloading on Deville. But Flair makes the save by droping Naomi with a big boot from behind. Deville stomps and punches on Naomi until the music interrupts and here comes Ronda Rousey. Rousey rushes the ring, ducks Flair and nails Deville. 
Then, Rousey unloads on Flair with lefts and rights and knock her out of the ring. Deville comes from behind but Rousey slams her by her good arm, then going for the armbar but Flair drags Deville out of the ring. Rousey helps Naomi back to her feet. Flair raises her title in the air at ringside while standing with Deville. Rousey and Naomi look on from the ring and Friday Night SmackDown goes off the air.

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