Brock Lesnar set to face Universal Champion Roman Reigns for the title at WrestleMania 38. He also added to Elimination Chamber WWE Title match and there is a possibility of Lesnar regaining title as per the new reports.

On the recent edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that creative team thinking that Vince McMahon will go for a title vs. title match between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 38. It was noted that both Lesnar and Heyman were pushing backstage for a Champion vs. Champion match for the Show of shows.
“At this point, the feeling on creative is that Vince will make the call to go with title vs. title, hence putting Lesnar in the chamber. There were those internally including Heyman and Lesnar pushing for it,” reported Dave Meltzer.
WWE reportedly has several “twists and turns” planned going into WrestleMania, with the all focus being on the world titles. General backstage feeling is that Vince McMahon is favor having title vs. title for the Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns rematch.
It was also reported that recent creative changes have also affected the original WWE Championship match planned for WrestleMania 38.
“The only thing we were told is that at press time the course to WrestleMania is once again set regarding both titles and there are a several twists and turns to come. It’ll all play out at Elimination Chamber most likely. The feeling internally was Vince was leaning in the direction of title vs. title, which would mean the originally planned WWE title match, whatever it would have been, is now off,” added Meltzer.

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