There were many reports came out for the first time ever match between Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and The People’s Champ The Rock in the future. Earlier this month, there were new reports states that there have been internal talks about having this huge dream match at next year’s WrestleMania.
The Rock delivered an electrifying intro at this year’s Super Bowl, which was received quite well by the mainstream media as well as the WWE Universe. Those who watched the intro might have caught the bit where The Rock used his famous WWE line, “The millions”.
In his recent tweet, The Rock dubbed it an “easter egg” and added that “the MILLIONS with a *pause is coming soon.” For those don’t know, The Rock used to pause right after uttering his iconic catchphrase, to let fans repeat it after him. With this tweet fans speculating about possible match between The Rock and Roman Reigns.

brother that was a little “Easter egg” for you and the MILLIONS… 🤣🎤
Don’t worry…the MILLIONS with a *pause is coming soon…. 😉👊🏾

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) February 14, 2022

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