There were many reports regarding The Texas Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin potential in-ring return to WWE. As of now, former Universal Champion Kevin Owens is likely to be the Austin’s opponent for the biggest event but there’s is could be a even bigger match possibly can happen.

On the recent discussion on an episode of We’re Live Pal, Andrew Zarian stated that WWE could also do Goldberg vs. Steve Austin at WrestleMania 38. Zarian further stated that the Stone Cold could have a quick match and finally let the dream match take place.
“Now is the time. For Austin vs. Goldberg, let us suffer through this, okay? I’m okay with this. I’m fine. I don’t even want the match to be good. I don’t want it to be anything. I have 0 expectations. If Dave gives it a DUD, I’m still happy because it finally happened. I don’t think it would be a negative, I think just the sheer excitement, you know, from people would be enough. Now the big story is how can Austin bump? Does he want to? Who’s going to protect him?” Andrew Zarian said.

“I mean, if he’s brawling then great, I think he’ll do a great job. Him and Goldberg could do a quick five to seven-minute thing and you got it out of the way and now you have that footage forever.”

No lol, I didn't report that Austin vs Goldberg is happening. We were having a discussion about what they can do and who he could face.

— Andrew Zarian (@AndrewZarian) February 16, 2022

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