From the past few days many reports coming about Shane McMahon and it wasn’t done yet as we got another fresh update from the Royal Rumble about him. Shane McMahon reportedly got into a humorous incident with Randy Orton at Royal Rumble as their spots were allegedly reversed.

According to the Fightful Select reports, Shane McMahon was originally set to come at #29 and Randy Orton at 28th spot. Sources stated that Shane McMahon ‘reacted hastily’ after his entrance song started playing instead of the Viper Randy Orton.
Then, Randy Orton informed Shane that he would not make his entrance to the ‘Here Comes The Money’ theme, which indicated that McMahon had to go out to the ring earlier than he expected.
It’s been widely reported that Shane McMahon rubbed several people the wrong way as he wanted to book the Royal Rumble match around himself.
Fightful Select verified the report and confirmed that former SmackDown Tag Team Champion Shane McMahon wanted to enter the Royal Rumble ‘in a spot that would highlight him.’
He pitched the idea to come at #1 in the Rumble match, but Vince McMahon didn’t accept that pitch and instantly shut it down. It was also noted that WWE Boos Vince McMahon wasn’t happy after knowing about the Shane McMahon’s ideas for the Royal Rumble, and he personally made it a point to change the plans laid out by his son.

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